Currently, there is much media coverage given to obesity and its effects on communities in what are termed "developed" nations. The costs of caring for those who become sick due to excess weight are frightening. Obesity should be treated by governments in the same way they treat other crises.

I've noticed that, in their capacity of great carers for the health and well being of their citizens, governments impose taxes and excise on alcohol and tobacco products. It's usually claimed these fiscal measures are aimed at curtailing drinking and smoking thereby extending the lives of the populace. Of course, if people are sick less often and able to work longer during their lives, more taxes are raised. This means less is need be spent on healthcare and hospitals leaving more for spending on things which will ensure the re-election of the governing party. You've got to love your government.

Surely, if one follows the gubernatorial wisdom of extracting money from those with addictions to legal substances they should charge the obese extra to buy food and clothing.

I think it would be so easy to install weigh stations in all food stores, cafes and restaurants as well as clothing stores and charity shops and to levy a surcharge or a "Lipo-tax" on purchases or consumption by those who are deemed obese. If they had to pay, for example, 60 per cent more for food they would eat less, loose weight and drop below the "Lipo-barrier". It would also cost less to produce and manufacture clothing in smaller sizes. I've noticed that plenty of clothiers currently charge more for larger sizes so the precedent is already set in this market.

I can envision this system being extended to transport where passengers are liable to pay extra if their body weight exceeds the legal limit or "Lipo-limit". It's obvious that all modes of transport use more fuel to move the obese that those of more diminutive proportions. This will help conserve fossil fuel and other forms of energy.

I'm sure these methods would succeed in curing the "Lipo-challenged", increase revenues for governments and ensure that there are chocolates for all. Every one gains (except those who lose weight)!

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Votive candles are PEOPLE! (or used to be part of them anyway.) Lol.
You didn't really expect me not to post this did you ?

Actually I did. I've noticed this thread right after I read the Cynics' discussion on "felching", and my first thought after reading this one's title was -- weight shouldn't matter to a grogan.
I think my first question is; exactly how “successful” do you see the current taxing strategies working? Assuming that the strategy as you have outlined it is the goal.

I’m not arguing against your statements of how tax regulations are implemented to drive social behavior. But I would suggest that a much more “moral” driven force is the culprit and the design of the argument is based in the taxation logic.
- Peace, Chad
Who really needs to be punished is not the end user,as it were,but the companies who produce cheap,processed food and make huge profits at the expense of the general public.
When I was growing up,one rarely saw an obese person...The reason being is people ate healthy diets.
Now,for the almighty dollar,food has been contaminated with such nasties as hfcs. You would be astounded at what this stuff is put in..
From my reading,Id say it's not the fat person's fault,but the greedy corporations for hijacking our natural desire for sweet and fatty foods and running with it.
One day,as an example,I was reading the ingredients on a can of chili. There was sugar in it.
Who puts sugar in chili I ask you?
Some of the crap they put in processed foods,I can't even pronounce.
And there is another problem...Processed foods...I don't even buy them. I shop around the outer edges of the grocer store and don't even go down the isles.
There is much more to the fat problem than meets the eye and I am not inclined to blame the victim in this case.

You might want to check out this doc' on the subject;


I don't really see that as punishment. Unless it's autophagy.
I find the notion of punishing fat people simply for being fat absolutely abhorrent. What's more, charging overweight people more for food isn't going to make them thin. Poverty is linked with obesity. The cheapest foods are high in fat, sugars and starches. Making people poorer by charging them extra for food is just going to lead to them making even unhealthier choices.

Why not look at making healthy food more affordable for everyone? Charge more for high fat, high salt, high starch food and use that money to subsidise fresh fruit and veggies. Everyone can benefit from a healthier diet.

An even better idea would be to raise incomes and education levels for everyone. Higher incomes and education are linked with fewer health problems and lower obesity levels.

link and link
There's a huge difference. Alcohol and cigarettes are taxed at higher levels for everyone. You don't have 'income checkpoints' so you can charge poor people more for their booze and ciggies. You are proposing weigh stations so you can charge fat people more than thin people for food making it discriminatory and self-defeating for the reasons I outlined earlier. If you were proposing to tax unhealthy food more for everyone, similar to cigarettes and alcohol, I'd have no problem with it. In fact I said so in my original comment.
." Poverty is linked with obesity."

With relative poverty,yes it is.Not so much with aboslolute poverty.Very few obese people seem to starve to death. Obesity is aslo linked to affluence.Although the route may be different,via McDonald's. I do not conflate correlation with causation.

The CAUSE of obesity is simple physics; using less energy than one ingests. The REASONS are complex.They include dietary ignorance, a sedentary life style, and indifference. 'Stress',
'A busy lifestyle ' and 'being time poor' are excuses,not reasons.

Children do not become obese because of fast food companies.It's the parent's responsiblity too see their children eat properly. Adults are responsible for our own actions,
There are consequences for self destructive behaviour. Perhaps not now, but eventually. ----the consequences may be poor health in later life or even dying prematurely from some nasty disease caused by lifestyle. EG even though I'm an ex smoker,my chances of dying with,if not from emphysema are approaching 100%.

As for making obese people pay more? Well, some airlines are already charging fat people for two seats.Here some surgeons simply refuse to operate on smokers under general anaesthetic.
Have you read the latest on hfcs and it's link to health problems?
Check this out if not:
I consider you a friend, funky, but I find this post arrogant, insulting, insensitive and ill-informed.

I am one of those "Lipo-challenged" persons who you wish to humiliate by making me check in at a weigh station whenever I go shopping. Don't you think it would just save time, if I was marked with a branding iron so I could easily be identified at the check out?

Of course, you assume (wrongly) that my weight is due to me spending my days reclining in front of the television while knocking back litres of Coca Cola, and shoving packets of chips and cream buns into my mouth. Because I am overweight, I must be ignorant of proper nutrition and live on fast food. The ignorance of your assumptions is astounding!

Obesity can certainly be linked to poor nutrition or excessive intake of food. But it can also be caused by sleep disorders, hormonal problems (some of which may be caused by exposure to pollution), prescription drugs (including antidepressants), genetics, metabolism issues and thyroid problems among other things.

Lack of exercise may be implicated, but is not necessarily laziness. Clinical depression, chronic fatigue, and, of course, physical problems which impede movement may also limit the amount of exercise someone can do.

You assume that because someone is obese, they are a burden on the health system. I have no weight-related illnesses. In fact, because of my healthy diet, my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels etc are all perfect. In fact, my results are better than my doctor's and he told me I should go home and frame the report.

And how, exactly, do you wish to manage your plan which would see me charged 60% more for food after my obligatory weigh-in?

Am I to receive a surcharge on all my purchases? Or am I to be further humiliated by having to separate out the food intended for my consumption and that intended for my 50kg mother, with whom I live and who eats exactly the same healthy diet as me? After all, why should my non-lipo-challenged mother be penalised for my weight? What if I am purchasing the makings of Christmas dinner for my family? Is the 60 percent surcharge applicable to everything I buy, or just to the proportion that I'm likely to eat?

Of course, if we're making surcharges for obese people, I will also have to declare at the check-out that my brother is also obese and pay extra for his food. Of course, he deserves your disdain. His obesity is due to the fact that he is terminally ill with a brain tumour, is totally incapacitated since a stroke paralysed him down one side of his body, is confined to a wheelchair, has a wife who is barely coping and unable to leave him (except to care for her elderly mother), and they are living on frozen meals because, frankly, she is too exhausted to cook or shop. They do, however, get at least one healthy meal a week, when my mother and I make the three hour round trip to provide them with a home-cooked meal.

Are you, funkq, proposing that on the rare occasion that his wife gets to the supermarket to purchase fresh food for them, she should also have to step on to your weighing machine and declare that her fat husband is at home in a wheelchair?

I find your proposal disgusting, discriminatory and probably one of the most offensive, ignorant things I have read in these forums. The fact that it comes from a friend for whom I had great respect makes it all the more hurtful.




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