Has anyone else noticed the weirdly inappropriate ads that show up on this site? So far today I've seen one ad for a "degree" in theology and another one for a website inviting me to learn about what's wrong with my "chakra".... or some shit. 

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Sarah, the religious ads are very common due to the fact that we are discussing the topic of religion much of the time.  Ads are generated and shown based on our "interest" in religion.  In a way, it's kind of funny.  Religious organizations are paying for ads that are being wasted on atheists. 

And welcome to our community!

If you really want to get rid of 'em, Sarah, load up Adblock Plus on your browser.  I've used it for years and it works beautifully, with only a few exceptions (CBS News won't let you load a video with it enabled), and you can select specific sites or pages as exceptions.

If you need further help, don't hesitate to give a shout.

Amen and amen!

I use Adblock Plus too, and should consider allowing ads on Atheist Nexus, just to let religious organizations pay more to support us. :)

The only caution i would make there Loren is that if everyone uses AdBlock then the service provider has no revenue. If they have no revenue then AN loses its home.

I do have AdBlock installed but for the sites i regularly use and want to support i have an exemption in the settings.



All Ad Block does is prevent the ad from popping up in your face. Ad revenue isn't generated by popups. It's generated when you click on the popup.

Well I don't see them as weirdly inappropriate ads,  I wouldn't mind going for a degree in theology, some say that to get into theology classes at Yale divinity school, it pays to be an atheist. 

BTW my Chakra's keep shutting down, so likely they need a tune-up, possibly more beer will help there!


LOL Bertold, seen the face on my father after he had one, I think it put his Chakras out of phase.

There was one about sex and god or some such nonsense but I haven't seen it for awhile.

Wonder if Christian sex is any different to atheist sex.

Must give them the shits, knowing their god is watching.

Or maybe its kinky to have an invisible pervert during sex.

Don't know, never had Christian sex?


Or, in the case of Ted Haggard, involve a male prostitute.

So Christian sex is mostly closet sex.

:-o~  Oh gawd no!

Don't they believe their gawd can see into closets?

Thought it was supposed to be everywhere at once.


Kathy, might you be referring to this ad?  This is actually a legitimate atheist book by atheist and sex therapist Darrell Ray.  His book has been advertised here for quite a long time.




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