Has anyone else noticed the weirdly inappropriate ads that show up on this site? So far today I've seen one ad for a "degree" in theology and another one for a website inviting me to learn about what's wrong with my "chakra".... or some shit. 

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From memory they are nerve centres of the human body, and from my biology, a few of them are to do with the Vagus Nerve, 

The vagus nerve is a pathway that runs from the brain down your throat, chest and stomach.  It is the pathway that gives you the butterflies in the stomach feeling, the heart flutter when spotting a beautiful face and a stuck in the throat feeling with extreme anxiety where you are unable to talk.  So these  (vagus nerve) chakras are lower stomach, upper stomach, just above the heart and the throat.  

Others are the coccyx (tail bone) the third eye ( just above and between the eyes) and the top of the head.

I cannot remember exactly what was supposed to be the emotions associated with each one, but you can guess the vagus linked ones have to do with anxiety and feeling good, bad feelings when anxious, good feelings, upper stomach when feeling on top of it all.

My yoga days are long gone, though I still do some body meditation, and Mindsight meditation, but I thought the Chakras stuff was a little nonsensical.

Thus my bad attempt at humour previously.


What's it got to do with religion?

Everything Gerald,

Hinduism also puts false and mythical emphasis on normal human cognition and bodily sensations, in order to con believers into perceiving spiritual significance where none exists.

All religions target and hijack evolved traits and cognition for their own gain in power and profit.  

Hinduism, Buddhism in this regard is no different to Christianity.

The doctrines are somewhat different, but the con is still the same.

I thought chakra was the ring like frisbee sword boomerang thingy Xena used to throw around.

    Now that I think aboujnt it, that might have been the little furry guy on "Land of the Lost"

I'm not waiting for someone to challenge, "I can choke my chicken faster and better than you can choke yours."

Hey, I went to Catholic schools and ex-Catholics are alleged to be the world's horniest people. A decade or so of denial focuses our minds.:)

Ex-Catholics? Current Catholics (especially the collared version) seem to be pretty horny too. Ask an altar boy.

Altar boys probably have the best numbers on how many of the collared ones are asexual.

We exes have no limits and might be trying to catch up.

An old friend once pointed out that As useless as balls on a priest turns out not to be a particularly apt expression.

Ads are generated by automated systems and machine bidding. Sometimes the results can be entertaining. Some years ago I was reading an article about a case of bribing a judge. The ad at the bottom of the page read "buy judges on ebay"

I wish I had taken a screen shot.

I enjoy the occasional People Seeking Partners ads.

In the two I've seen recently, the man has a happy grin on his face and the woman looks like she's planning a takeover.

Yes, I have noticed.

Also, speaking of weird, someone contacted me on this web site and tried to "send me pictures" for who knows what reason. Strange I was trolled that way here...

Just last night a man I don't know sent me a text about picking him up, and he gave a local location. (I'm not a taxi.) In order to motivate me into action he claimed "2 hot girls" were coming to visit him and I could have one of them. Why don't the hot girls pick him up?

This looked phony and like some sort of take over to me. Whether it would be hostile or not is another story. (I have a concealed carry for my ballbat.)


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