Just noticed the massive influx of Pharyngulites to Atheist Nexus. Welcome! How great to see you all!

From eaves-dropping on the Atheist Nexus party at the AAI LA Convention last week, I know you're all here to save PZ's pride by making the Pharyngula group bigger than moJoe's Atheist News group (and, so far, you've succeeded!) , but I hope you'll also look around and join other groups in your particular areas of interest.

The aim of Atheist Nexus is not to compete with other non-theist groups, but to help build networking and unity amongst the atheist community.

So, please, now you're here, participate in the blogs and forums and groups and make new friends and contacts and, by all means, encourage them to visit Pharyngula!

Oh, and if you've always wanted to visit Australia and meet PZ in person, please consider doing both by attending the Rise of Atheism Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne next year. Tickets are on sale now.

We look forward to hearing from you all.

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Funny you should bring up saving P.Z.'s pride. I found Atheist Nexus through Pharyngula, but once I got here I was overwhelmed with friendly people and choices of various groups. I've only been here for two days and already feel welcome to chat with people!
It's really sort of odd that I even know of Pharyngula. My little brother kept sending me links to that blog, but it took me a good 6 months to go to it without prodding. I'm just not much for any sort of Internet browsing, so I'm lucky I even heard of A/N.
Heh. I wouldn't have known about PZ if it hadn't been for Atheist Nexus. I was here first.
You mean the "comment wall" on the Pharyngula group?

Yes, reply hierarchy on that section of the site really sucks. I think its intended to be similar to a MySpace comment wall, but I haven't asked any of the Ning programmers to know for sure.
Thanks for beating me to it, Kristy. I've been so busy checking new profiles for spammers/scammers that I didn't get a chance to put out a welcome mat for the Pharynguloids. I logged in late for my usual morning rounds and found 10 pages of new members. We often only get one within 24 hours.

Bro. Richard owes me a whole plate of cookies now.

Oh, and welcome Pharynguloids!
Happy to do it Méabh - just happened to be up late when I noticed them all arriving in a fleet of tall-ships!
Welcome to the site, everybody!
I'm a Pharyngulite! Still buzzing from the convention!!
Signed on to Athiest Nexus when it first started but due to moves and divorce completely forgot about it till the posting in Pharyngula. Glad I found it again.
ty, its good to be here :) looks like a fun place.
Welcome Lindsey!




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