All your favorite underground bands! Post em!!!!Ill start with THE CRAMPS, in honor of the late Lux Interior, and the O so beautiful Ivy Rorschach

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O My Who is brave enough to take on TWIZTED! Hippies were for peace and love, punks were anarchey, welcome to the modern underground...THEY WILL NEVER MAINSTREAM THIS!!! For the juggalos!!!

lets try again
THE GENETORTURES...from the mid90s into today...Gen the lead singer and mastermind of this fetish band has a doctorate in psychology. And is unbelievably hot..if u like that kinda thing;-)

I'll see your Genitorturers and raise you one KMDFM...
Memoriiiees!! Of late nite metal, industrial, headbanging!!
SLAYER....Early 80s the first truely metal bands!

Well ok, not quite underground. But damn the US.
Some more Cramps one of my favorites

Swedish Band L.A.B., o yes!

MUSE...Very talented band! From 2006...Knights of Cydonia.

REVEREND HORTON the rev rip it up!

Thanks for the great support. OK, I'm not dead, phew, had myself worried for a moment. The Cramps have a great style and seem to put together wonderful musical images. I'll have to look for a torrent of their music to attain better quality graphics. Always exciting to find new music you like especially when it really requires images to thoroughly enjoy.





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