Police states are countries with military detention of civilians.

How Congress is Signing its Own Arrest Warrants

The US military now has legal power to arrest and permanently imprison citizens without due process. Congress will be a joke soon enough.

... the power roles will reverse: Congress will no longer be directing and in charge of the military: rather, the military will be directing and in charge of individual Congressional leaders, as well as in charge of everyone else...


Naomi Wolf warns

... that one cannot name a nation that gave the military the power to make civilian arrests and hold citizens in military detention, that did not almost at once turn that power almost against members of that nation’s own political ruling class.

We forget in America that all over the world there are militarized societies in which shells of democracy are propped up — in which Parliament meets regularly and elections are held, but the generals are really in charge, just as the Egyptian military is proposing with upcoming elections and the Constitution itself.

What especially galls me is that a constitutional law professor, who ran under "Change you can believe in" is cheerfully signing this heinous law into being.

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Scott Bidstrup's newsletter brings up relevant statistics.

It says something about the United States that one person in three has had an experience with the criminal justice system by the time they are old enough to have graduated from college - much higher than (possibly even double) the rate who have obtained at least a bachelor's degree.

It also says something that one person in 100 in the United States is a prison or county jail inmate, and nearly 3 percent of the entire population are on probation or parole or are being monitored.  A rate of incarceration far higher than any other country on the planet.

Before one gets the idea that illegal aliens account for most of this, the reality is that they account for about 5.9% of the total inmate population, not very far out of proportion to their presence in the general population of the country as a whole (3.5%).

 I personally find "one percent of the population incarcerated and nearly three percent more on probation, parole, or being monitored" pretty scary. Are we to believe US people are far more criminal than anyone else worldwide?

I actually did an essay for class on the high rate of prison population for the US when compared with other countries. Now if I could just locate it -- I could post some of it here.

I'd love to see that essay, too Steph. 

 I work in a literal prison (Florida State Prison) and there are odd facts that stump me every time I notice them.  Btw-Florida just opened a new mini-max detention facility in Suwannee and there is talk of a new facility close by in a neighboring county. Currently, within four miles of my home there are already four established correctional facilities (FSP. Union Correctional Institution, Lawtey Correctional and New River Correctional Institution).  That doesn't include the State Mental Hospital in Macclenny (basically a prison for the criminally insane) about fourteen miles from me, and "Tacachallee" another mental health facility for those who are dangerously insane in nearby Gainesville.  Also, just outside of Starke, there exists a center called "SunnyLand" for mentally retarded adults-which basically exists to train adults with Down's syndrome and related impairments a "place to feel valued" (I've always thought of it more as exploitation).  

  Florida has one of the highest prison populations in the country.  We also have some of the lowest payscales around (even college educated professionals usually opt to leave Florida for better pay elsewhere).  Much of our public works jobs are occupied by state inmates (who can legally be paid alot less than minimum wage).  There is very little opportunity here unless you work for the State-if you would call that opportunity.  

 (Conspiracy theories or not, just because other people think you are a nut doesn't necessarily mean that there really aren't conspiracies).  

Depressing news, but thanks.

Even without the excuse of emergency relocation, citizen rights are evaporating as bankers are given top priority during financial problems.

Depression and Autocracy From Merkel to Michigan

.... how authoritarian is last week’s Eurozone deal? Led by Germany, the agreement requires individual nations to shrink pensions, scale back health insurance, cut services, privatize public enterprises and de-unionize public jobs—no matter what their voters say. It’s all so as not to default to the large banks and financial institutions.

“The basic rules of European democracy are being suspended or even inverted, bypassing parliaments, governments and EU institutions,” wrote Beck shortly before the Deutschmark deal was done. “Multilateralism is turning into unilateralism, equality into hegemony, sovereignty into the deprivation of sovereignty, and recognition into disrespect for the democratic dignity of other nations. [emphasis mine]


check that out! he even mentions 'jail cell' if you're found in-contempt


And Obama's Christmas and New Years present for the American people and the world... Police state 2012! YAY. Well I guess the Mayans had something right. Or was all the 2012 disaster propaganda via Hollywood just a tool to get Americans to give up all their remaining independence and become slaves suckling from teat of the motherland/FEMA. HMMM... In soviet America... add your preferred joke.


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