Police states are countries with military detention of civilians.

How Congress is Signing its Own Arrest Warrants

The US military now has legal power to arrest and permanently imprison citizens without due process. Congress will be a joke soon enough.

... the power roles will reverse: Congress will no longer be directing and in charge of the military: rather, the military will be directing and in charge of individual Congressional leaders, as well as in charge of everyone else...


Naomi Wolf warns

... that one cannot name a nation that gave the military the power to make civilian arrests and hold citizens in military detention, that did not almost at once turn that power almost against members of that nation’s own political ruling class.

We forget in America that all over the world there are militarized societies in which shells of democracy are propped up — in which Parliament meets regularly and elections are held, but the generals are really in charge, just as the Egyptian military is proposing with upcoming elections and the Constitution itself.

What especially galls me is that a constitutional law professor, who ran under "Change you can believe in" is cheerfully signing this heinous law into being.

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I forgot to add that North Korea is probably closer to what we have to look forward to in disgust.

Goodbye internet, hello thought police. Kiss the Atheist nexus goodbye. Guess I better start watching Fox propaganda now so I can parrot all the sound bites and at least pretend I'm just another retarded, thoughtless lemming, who's convinced America's problems are because of those godless liberals and that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia . :(

I too am concerned about free speech on the internet and  the future of Atheist Nexus in a police state. The US military is already heavily infiltrated by Christian fundamentalism, so handing them the ultimate power is not good.

I will not be voting for Obama again. I was so naive. I couldn't wait to vote the Republicans out of of office, I registered myself as a Democrat, and I thought Obama would "set all to right". Boy was I off. I was very disappointed that he did not nationalize the banks or at least put strings attached to all the money he took from us and gave to them. Then I started getting myself really educated. I have since realized we no longer even have a democracy. There is an unholy alliance between Wall St. and Washington which rules us, a power elite that divides us into two nice and pretty "camps" and then pretends to give us a choice while they conquer us. There are 6 major industries which control policy-making: the military-industrial complex, banking, energy (oil), health "care" (big pharma and health insurance), communications, and agriculture. Between them, they have rigged our tax code, trade policies, and banking "regulations" so that this government works for the .05%.


The American people are finally starting to wake up to these facts, as well as the fact that we need systematic change to our government, our democracy, and our society if we are going to address the huge problems we and the world face, including climate change, income and wealth inequality, poverty, and unemployment. However, it looks to me that someone in the military or intelligence communities (the same one which assassinated JFK and for the same reasons) is planning ahead. They have seen the tides of change that the Occupy movement and the political unrest here have for their neat little two-party system, and they seem intent on arresting politicians who would upset their little party. Obama is the best choice we have? Not on your life. Get educated, get motivated, and help save our country from these criminals before it is too late.

However, it looks to me that someone in the military or intelligence communities (the same one which assassinated JFK and for the same reasons) is planning ahead

You're a conspiracy theorist.  I guess I can ignore everything you say then.

That was a very dismissive thing to say Susan. You may of course feel free to remain as ignorant as you please.

@Susan Stanko:

Simply labeling someone a "conspiracy theorist" is not an argument, it's just an ad hominem.  It would be sufficient to just disagree with the statement.

Thank you George. That is an excellent suggestion, especially considering the fact that one can make distinctions between how hard they hold to the things they say. We don't always say things we are 100% sure of. That happened to be one of those claims that I am less sure of. But should Susan wish to dismiss everything I have ever said or will ever say on the basis of one statement that she disagrees with, she may have a hard time knowing what to believe from anyone, since everyone says things which one could possibly doubt or be not entirely sure of.

I agree, George. Name calling has no place here.

This 1000x

Conspiracies do exist and have often played prominent roles in history- do I have to name some for you... really!? To just dismiss them out of hand especially if the supernatural is not mentioned (or space aliens I guess), is a response programed by the elite controlled media- which funny enough, happens to be a conspiracy itself.

Will - well said. I happen to agree with you.

I agree. One thing I could add is that the occupy movement has accelerated preexisting plans for a complete elite (.001%?)  takeover (of the world). NWO PC/Theocratic Banksta Feudal Police-State Earth here we come ready or not. Ron Paul 2012 is the last chance for democracy in the medium term. But even if he is elected I suspect he would be assassinated.




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