Hello everybody,

i call myself wazaghun which is arabic and stands for the male Tarentola Mauritanica. For those who do not know what that is... Wikipedia is a good source :-D
I am a german arab halfblood exmuslim who has decided already years ago to live without superstitious beliefs. In other words i am more or less the worst kind of person for all those that used to claim friendship with me. One of the reasons why my real name is not public. I already had my fair share of threats and even more than just threats.

Anyway, i decided alter my activities from the more "active" way of dealing with religious people to a more distanced approach mainly using this site here, a blog (wazaghun@blogspot.com), twitter and facebook to write about religion(s), reason and the bitter fight in the public courtroom of opinion. I despise the bad influence of religion, not only but mostly because i was and partially still am so deeply affected by it. And when it comes to political influence this is something that affects us all. Educational problems (biology, evolution etc.), social problems (seperation of ones people from the rest of the community in a country, immigration problems) and problems of morality (anti-gay agendas, fighting sexual education) are my core fields of interest and engagement.

I've spent years debating religious zealots including extremists and i simply do not want to take the risks anymore that i used to take, especially since the debates are risky and have a tendency to repeat long known nonsense all the time.

Perhaps one small addition (that i will probably post about soon):
I do prefer not to call myself atheist. And frankly i do not see much sense in anyone calling himself atheist. 
Technically i might qualify for the atheists definition of the term, but i prefer to simply say that i do not believe in any of the already used definitions for the term God, nor in any supernatural "something" no matter how abstract and senseless it might be defined.

Looking forward to meet you folks (blog, twitter, facebook or somewhere else)


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I've found you cannot reason with the unreasonable and don't get into religious discussions with anyone by my immediate family.
You're a brave person! I only turned my back on Christianity, you did the unthinkable in Muslim society. I wish you the best in all that you do. I hope to hear more from you here or on facebook or wherever!




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