Hi, my name is Mazid and I *gasp* don't believe in the supernatural! I know, shock and horror, especially from a place called the Atheist Nexus.

Okay, a little more specifically I was raised christian in a fairly conservative denomination, to which my entire immediate family still belongs, but one day (embarrassingly late in life, it seems) I finally overcame my fear of what I might find and really asked some questions that had bugged my up to that point about belief in god - first and foremost being "wtf?". The inevitable conclusion for anyone smart enough to ask the questions and honest enough to acknowledge the answer, of course, is what we all here have in common!

I've been around on various websites and such so some people might recognize my name (yes, it's the same Mazid). To everyone, regardless of familiarity, I still say Hello! :)

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Hello Mazid!
Hi Sabby!
Welcome. Most of us are friendly folk and enjoy each new member. Hope you have fun here.
Lol, only most, eh? Thanks! :)




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