Hello Nexus! Glad to be here!

Even after being on this earth for 30 years, I still have not told my anyone in my family that I'm an Atheist. Any suggestions on how I could go about it without them disowning me? I don't want to see my mom have a heart attack.

I know I should tell them ( I really don't HAVE to, but my mom has gotten super religious all of a sudden, and its beginning to irk me. Especially with all this talk about me going back to church and getting 'right with god').

Input is appreciated.

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Welcome. You are in a tough spot.  Check out the coming out atheist forum, there are bound to be ideas for you there.  Maybe using the word humanist (if it applies) would be a good starter label for your mom.  Good luck! :)



Welcome Aviance.  Glad you're here.  Incredibly tough question about whether or not to come out;  especially to hyper religious family members whom you are close to.  Suggestion, in the "for what it's worth" category is to play it by ear.  If you quit going to church, and you're questioned about it, maybe something along the lines of "the minister isn't reaching me" or some such thing might be appropriate.  Not a lie, since he obviously is not reaching your rational mind, but may save a lot of hurt feelings.  Best of luck!
Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to look into the coming out forum and the advice you gave Pat.
Like others said, that's a difficult situation. Depending on your mother's state of health, if you think telling her could literally give her a heart attack, then you would want to be careful about what you tell her. Or if she has some terminal illness, (I hope not), with a limited life expectancy, then the kindest thing to do my be to let her believe that you "are right with god". But barring those dire circumstances, you have to ask yourself if you want to keep living a lie with your mom and family for the next several years or decades. Hopefully your mom and the rest of the family will be able to love and accept you for who are. If they are not from one of the religions that practice shunning, they should be able to do that. However, if your mom has suddenly got religion again, she may make it her mission in life to make sure that your soul is saved, and every meeting and conversation will inevitably turn to getting you saved. Maybe you could discuss with her how you came to be an athiest. It sounds as if you were brought up in her religion, and over time began to understand things differently. If she understands where you are coming from maybe she will be able to respect your position. Unfortunately I wouldn't give that a high probability. Most athiests are willing to allow other people to believe what they want as long as it doesn't harm others, but many religious can't accept that others have a different belief, especially if it is a lack of belief. Good luck and let us know how it goes and if we can help. 
Thanks. No terminal illness (that I know of anyways), but she was in the hospital for a heart attack some months ago, hence my concern.
As that you're new, I expect see you at the next hazing ceremony. Don't worry, the cricket bats don't hurt that much, the padding from the chicken suit helps a lot.
As long as I don't have to do a 'leap of faith' LOL
Welcome to the site. So glad you are here! Just tell your famlily when you feel the time is right - no need to hurry.
I feel for you because I never told my parents.  My mother got cancer and became more religious, well talked the game but didn't walk the walk.  I always thought I should but I knew she would never understand.  Their life was experienced where religion was saturated in every aspect so they have no comprehension of any other to think.  The best way I could explain to them was that "I have my own way to believe and it is very personal".   I know this is not much help but I do sympathize.  Good Luck.



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