St. Peter is watching the gates of Heaven, but he really needs to go to the bathroom. He asks Jesus to watch the gates for a few minutes, and Jesus says "Fine." St. Peter takes the book which lists everyone who's supposed to get into Heaven with him to the bathroom to have something to read.

As Jesus is standing there, he sees this old man leading a donkey up from Earth to Heaven. He notices the old man has carpenters tools with him.

When the old man gets to the gates, Jesus tells him he doesn’t have the book, but asks the old man to explain his life and why he felt he should be admitted into Heaven. Jesus would then make the decision whether or not to let him in based on the story.

The man explains "In English, my name would be Joseph, but I didn't live in America or England. I lived a modest life, making things out of wood. I'm not remembered very well by most people, but almost everyone has heard of my son. I call him my son, but I was more of a Dad to him, he didn't really come into this world in the usual way.

I sent my son out to be among the people of the World. He was ridiculed by many, and was even known to associate himself with some pretty unsavoury characters, although he himself tried to be honest and perfect. My single biggest reason for trying to get into Heaven is to be reunited with my son.

Jesus is awestruck by the man's story. He looks into the old man's eyes and asks, "Father?"

The old man's face brightens; he looks at Jesus, and asks, "Pinocchio?"

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Well we're rolling on the floor laughing, but then it doesn't take much to set us off. Mum says, "The worse the joke is, the more we laugh." How's that for a back-handed compliment!
Ha! Best joke told on my birthday in a long time.




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