After a 20+ year search for the "right faith and right god"  I have decided it's all nonsense.

My Husband has watched me for the past 8 years ... wander from one faith tradition to the next...

On Tuesday of this week I came home and said:

Me: "So....I am a atheist"

Him: "So, it's Atheist Tuesday?  Ok"

Honestly, I think he thinks it's a phase - like my Buddhist phase, Unitarian phase, etc etc

But I am very happy he's ok with my decision even if he thinks it's temporary.  My Husband believes in god and has great faith but also has very little "bible knowledge" - meaning he's not going to break out in scripture or song, doesn't have any need to go to church, etc.

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Many people go through life looking for the right religion, meaning there are hundreds out there but only one of them is the right one. How could that be? It doesn't even sound logical. It is indeed all nonsense. In the bible Paul was blinded by the light, and could see again when "scales fell off of his eyes." This has only happened to me as I became atheist. For those who think atheism is a "phase" my reply is that it's hard to believe in the Wizard of Oz once you have seen behind the curtain.

On TV a christian woman was trying to evangelize a bit and explain it to Bill Mahr. She says "let's suppose you are hungry." Bill cut it off quickly by explaining that he was not hungry.

You can study every scripture and sacred writing in the world and nowhere do you find that god is trying to talk to you, or that god left you a message, or some set of intructions. If there is a being we could call god, this being apparently wants nothing to do with you. The logical conclusion is that god is imaginary.

Agreed.... I told a friend of my "I can't put the knowledge genie back in the bottle"


That's the funniest thing I've read in quite a while. Your husband is a funny guy. I imagine him saying that while hidden behind a newspaper.

I think you're doing great. Just keep reading and you'll begin to enjoy the freedom. 

Your husband is in for trying times. was almost like that exactly .... he was reading the NYT on his computer 




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