I just signed up, the name's Jerid.

So far this community is very interesting. I'm a real forum junkie but I've never seen a format like this, it'll take me a while to get used to it.

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Welcome Jerid. I hope you enjoy the site. It's pretty easy to navigate - there are forums, blogs and groups.You might like to start with Canadian Atheists on Nexus which has over 200 members. There are hundreds of special interest groups - check them out by clicking 'Groups' on the menu bar or just by meeting like-minded people and checking their profile pages to see what groups they're in.

Great to have you aboard.
Yup, already joined! :)

There aren't many people from Edmonton on this site though. Where do most of the people in the community hail from?
Probably the majority from the US but nearly all countries are represented. It is an international site. We have members from South America, the UK, most of the European and Scandinavian countries, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China and many more. It's actually fun to watch the 'Members' list each day and see just where people are coming in from.
It does take awhile to adjust.

Welcome to AN! :D


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