"Well you're not really an atheist, you're just agnostic"

Ok... what the fuck does this even matter to a christian? I mean, really... dont you guys know ANYTHING about the rules of your own religion?

Atheists tend to get this a lot and people handle it differently in different situations. Occasionally they respond with the definitions and argue from there. I would like to know why it even matters to christians.

Here is my deal - Throughout the various christian denominations one of the more dominant beliefs are the ones regarding faith in the "greatest sacrifice" [that part where god kills his son/himself to "fix" the issues he invented]. The idea here is that one can attain the benefits of the sacrifice through faith in christ. Some denominations add little bits and pieces about how much you need to hate gays or how god does not like your kids knowing about that satanic ritual called "science"... whatever, right? We all know this is mostly bullshit, but the core belief about believing in Jesus should stick. 

The important bit here is obviously belief, and this is where the issue with atheism/agnosticism comes in. According to their definitions the atheist denies god's existence and the agnostic claims no knowledge either way, but does not believe. DOES NOT BELIEVE. That is the point. Whether I am an atheist or an agnostic [again, their definitions, not mine] I still dont believe. That means no matter what I do, according to the bible I cant get into heaven. Whether I go to hell or not does not matter. Jesus did not die for my indecisive nature or to save me from whatever hells may await us. He died so I can get to heaven and I can gain that "gift" through belief. Neither atheists nor agnostics get into heaven. We cant. We do not believe. For that matter there is NO other religion, aside from christianity, gets you into heaven. Atheist or agnostic? I may as well be a Raelian... still no biblical heaven for me.

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Most of the comments on here are right on. The problem with christians is that they appear to believe that once you are atheist there is no hope for you, but if you are simply agnostic they might be able to persuade you to become christian. They talk and pester you relentlessly, but their arguments (as usual) are very lame.




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