Hello, my name is Tabi, I am a new member from West Texas!

I would like to start by saying how excited my kids and I are that we discovered this site! We havent had the pleasure to meet so many fellow Atheists!

I just cant believe it took me so long to finally do a search on the internet to find others like us, and allthough I have only been a mamber for 24 hours now, I dont feel as alone as I did before!


My whole family except for My oldest sister are all Christians, but it never clicked with me. I would go to church up until I was 10 and just think "man what bs!"

Thats when I realized I didnt believe in any of it! I didnt know what I was until I was 11 and met my odlest sister for the first time. I felt so good, and right when she intorduced herself to me, and the first question she asked me was "Do you believe in god?"

I was nervous when I said no, but the excitement in her voice made me feel so good. She told me that I was an Atheist, and that she was too.

I would have to say that was one of the best moments in my life!


Anyways, I am super happy to be a member of Atheist Nexus! Thanks for having this o available for others like me!! :o)


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Hi Tabi.

I just read a post by an East Texas atheist. Must be catching. Welcome.
Welcome Tabi. Love to see new members especially those in the state of Texas.

Thanks Ken! I am really happy to have found this site :D it has helped me to not feel so alone!




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