This kind of blew me away.  Time for a musical interlude....   via "The straight couple who owned a gay bar in Manhattan...." did this, drawing the Ire of the Westoroborites.  Or is it Westboronians?

"They're just foaming — we got several tweets from them,"

Normally I would post this on the LGBTI group, but Westboro is known to everyone, so I put it here.  

Remember "Ode to Billie Joe"?  When that song came out, I thought it was the best thing since Dolly Parton sang "The Last thing on my mind" with Porter Wagoner.  Giving away some of my origins there...  I was a mere pipsqueak at the time, not even knee-high to Holstein heifer. 

I guess we don't always have to be serious...  :-)

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Thanks for posting, I love that!

Pretty good song, Daniel. I'm gonna see if they have an album on You Tube.

Now for the WBC let's see if I got it. God is killing our soldiers because we say gay is OK. If you believe that gay is OK, then you should be killed too. Yep, I'm god. You better get rid of those ideas coz I'm gonna kill me some more soldiers. You support it I'm gonna kill you to. Whadaya mean not fair, and it violates your free will? Hey, I'm god. I can do anything I want to. I'm having fun doing this! Don't worry. Nobody is really dead. Well, not yet. I can kill 'em all for real later, or just keep on playing with them.

i wonder if Westboro is on the verge of fading away. Fred Phelps died and before that he was ousted from his own creation. Supposedly for starting to mellow a bit. That being just a rumor. The lose members/family regularly. That must hurt - they are human after all. Maybe their time is almost up.

Good one SB, thanks for posting

Ow!  Well, all right!

Yeah, pay no attention to them ... and when they're no longer getting air time and column inches about the BS they attempt, it's entirely possible that they'll fade back into the wormwood they came from.

One can hope.

You can download this song as MP3 at 321 You Tube. Just search for it there by name.

Love it.

Thanks for sharing!  

Other good news:  Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday upheld the Utah lower court decision that the Utah constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is unconstitutional!  And a judge in Indiana came to the same conclusion about Indiana's bigoted constitutional amendment.  




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