Westboro Baptists will picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral Saturday

In a press release dated Dec. 8, the Westboro Baptist Church, which achieved notoriety staging anti-gay protests at soldiers' funerals, announced it will be sending picketers to the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of former Senator and presidential candidate, John Edwards.
A little taste of what WBC said about her:
God heard self-absorbed Elizabeth as she rode the talk show circuit spewing blasphemy. God heard her say "my God could not ...protect my boy" and "I'm not praying to God to save me from cancer" and that God is not "the God I wanted."
...Elizabeth is now a resident of hell where her rebellion and rage will take full flower. She rejoins the dead child who beat her there, and has seen the face of her grievous misconduct in neglecting her non-delegable duty to him.

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Given their M.O. tends to be to infuriate someone into lashing out and then sue whoever falls for it, I'm starting to wonder if ol' Fred even believes what he's bawling any more or whether he's just trolling people for money.

The problem is that there are already laws about how close you can be to the funeral.  The only thing we can do is increase the radius.  Then, Fred Phelps will just stand at the distance limit, in the most conspicuous spot, and protest there.  Short of banning tools that are necessary for freedom of speech by people who aren't complete assholes, there's no way to fight this.

Did they just blame her for her sons death?

That or they blamed her lack of prayer for the kid being in hell. They're filth.

Do these people lie awake at night just thinking of new ways to make everyone else, including most other Xians, hate them?

Pretty much, yeah.

Personally, these people of the Westboro baptist church are either insane or just greedy trolls. Either way, their stupidity is the equivolent of a mentally handicapped child. And dog shit has more value then the nonsense they spew at other peoples' funerals. Let them waste their one and only life acting like the mentally insane. Their life, they can waste it as they see fit.

I suppose the best lesson here is 'Poison goes where poison's welcome'.


And then when it's gone where it's welcome, it goes other places and trolls funerals and comic conventions.

This will be interesting becuase they have a case pending before the Supreme Court, for this exact thing.


For picketing Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder funeral.

Really? What're they charged with? I mean, foul as it is, I'd expect this to drop right under free speech...or is it for harrassment or something?

The father took Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church to civil court and won $5 000 000 for "intentional infliction of emotional distress and violating the sanctity of the funeral of his son". But the decision by the court was overturned by a Federal Appeals Court. The Appeals Court said the actions were protected by free speech. So, the father, Albert Snyder, took it to the Supreme Court. The case will be heard on free speech and First Amendment grounds. It will be a very serious case. I assume with many implications in the future.


Think about protests outside universities. And things like that. Protests outside Wall Street banks. Who knows what kind of implications it will have for that.

I guess it's too much to hope that it'll lead to the Being A Fucking Dickhat Act of 2011, designed to punish use of free speech rights in a way that's clearly designed to abuse people.




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