Westboro church get their tires slashed..And it gets better!

It's about time they got what they deserved..Let them get a taste of their own medicine.
This made my day!


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As much as I hate Westboro and the like it is a part of the First Amendment to also protect speech that I disagree with.
^ this. I completely disagree with what they are doing, with that being said, anyone who tries to take the first admendment right away from the WBC might as well have been there holding the signs at that funeral as well.

That kid died fighting for the rights of ALL people, not just the ones who believe the way he did.

With all that being said, This is america, I hope they get sued into oblivion.
This just happened in the last coupla' days. WBC was in a small Oklahoma town protesting something I didn't catch what. While they were away from their van someone slashed all four tires.. WBC drove the van on flat tires to a local tire shop.. The tire shop saw all signs they had and told them to get lost...I didn't hear what happened after that.. I don't agree with the tire slashing but what's done is done.. It's a great hoot.. The story made me smile..
Well, what do they expect when they protest someone's funeral? Free room and board?
What, they thought they were the only one's with gorilla tactics?

This is America, we wait patiently, let folks dig their holes; or go steadily insane if ya wanna get cheeky about the subject of right and wrong.

I'm glad to find out about this through AN! Keep it flowin' NING!
WBC totally deserves it, and deserves worse. But the people who did it aren't in the right either. What WBC does is reprehensible, but protected by the constition. What these people did is a crime: they destroyed someone else's property, therefore violating their rights. I can't brng myself to agree with that no matter how much I hate WBC. Not even Westboro has ever resorted to vandalism.
WooHoo! I don't usually take joy out of another's suffering, but the one time I am happy these jerks finally got what they gave. My deepest sympathies to the deceased soldier's family.
I'm of mixed feelings of this like others. Yeah, Fred Phelps and company are, at best, reprehensible. In fact, everyone knows how to tell how ignorant they really are: Their lips move.

That said, even WBC has the right to be as offensive as they wish. The First Amendment protects everyone, not just the speech we all agree with.

Best way to fight WBC: Use MORE speech!!




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