I caught on the news this morning that the jackasses from westboro baptist church plan on picketing the funeral of the seven children killed in a house fire here in PA. These glory-hounds will do anything to get their name and their twisted "cause" in the limelight.


The report also noted that a couple of local bike clubs have volunteered to form a protective barrier to keep the dumb-asses at a distance from the funeral. I hope one them "accidentally" gets ran over by a 1200, v-twin Harley which then proceeds to burn some rubber right up their yellow spine.

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Them getting ran over would only bring more folks in their place. I say they should(the protesters of the protesters) set up a table which would offset whatever financial problems that family has. Every minute the folks are there, put in a dollar or any predetermined amount.


They will either shut up or they will pack up.

They won't do either, but definitely use it to your advantage.

WTF? Does their god hate the children of dairy farmers too?


I think they're trying to get someone to go postal on them. They'd get a ton of media coverage, get to play the poor xtian victim and they'd get to file a ton of lawsuits.

And this is a Mennonite family to boot. I guess there's no respect for their fellow christians among the slobbering fools of Westboro.

Senator Robert Casey speaks out against Westboro....I like the the description of so-called christian organization, even if it's not his words.

Sen Casey Condemns Westboro baptist Church

Thinking of Harleys ... do you suppose they'd have the cojones to picket at a Hell's Angels funeral?  Maybe this isn't horribly PC of me, but I could be tempted to buy tickets to see THAT one!
They get worse and worse! Next time, they're going to picket the funerals of everyone who died in the flood!
How low can you go?  *shakes head*
Just when I thought I couldn't hate the Westboro Baptist Church any more than I already do, I hear about this. Where do these people draw the line?




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