The president of Turkey, Erdogan, held a referendum to rid his country of it's secular government. He threatened that voting against him would have consequences in the afterlife ( in addition to unspoken threats of violence ). So a vote against him is a vote against Allah. Turkey will now be an Islamist theocracy. Of course he is really doing this so he will be an omnipotent dictator. He apparently won, although the outcome is questionable. At least the EU will likely deny Turkey membership. Too bad for the secular citizens.

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Very well said, each sentence is about what I would have added to the one I had just read.  My understanding is Egypt is trending the same way.  Decades ago there would have been laughter- by Egyptians- at draconian Islamic moral rules, but now they are becoming the accepted and expected way of life.  Strangely I hear (and could be totally wrong) that the average people of Iran are quite "liberal" (classic lib) in a lot of ways, but of course the rulers aren't.

(edit:  this responding to Daniel's first post)

We have a man in office right now in this country who would like to do that. He's an Orange Clown.


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