IS it possible?

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There is always a chance that the world might end - for us...Probably due to some religious nutjob thinking they are doing 'gods work'... However, if it happens, the world will go on regardless, and start again from low level life. But even that is a couple of billion year head start on when life began previously... 2012 is no more or less likely than any other year, so I wouldn't sell all my stuff at the end of 2011 if I were you :).
I wonder what people said of the year 666 AD?
2012? Is that when a G W Bush clone gets elected?
I always thought that the reason the Mayan calender stopped in 2012 was that the guy carving it in stone got tired.
They keep on moving doomsday back. Wasn't it supposed to happen in 2000? 1843?
Sure it is possible but highly unlikely. What interests me is what will these doomsdayers say in 2013?




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