What age did you become an atheist/agnostic and why?

Sorry if this has been asked before.  i was raised in a christian home (Still kinda am) and i became atheist at the age of 16.  i had been a christian since i was born (not technically) but when i was 14 in 2009 my granny died suddenly. i prayed all day hoping that "god" would save her. but that didn't happen so about (insert day/month) after that happened i started searching online for the truth about "god" and came across a few things that challenged my religious beliefs so i become an agnostic cause i didn't know what to actually believe. when i was 16 i discovered Dawkins witch turned me into a complete atheist.

if that was hard to read i apologize.



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Gave up religion by teen years when it was clear it was man made.

Finally concluded there were no gods in my 20s when I finally admitted to myself there was zero evidence of  existence.

I am 16 as well. I went to a Catholic school most of my childhood. Ironically this was probably one of the factors of why I became a strong atheist. HOWEVER, the ultimatum factor that turned me to atheism was logical fallacies. I learned about God of the Gaps, Correlation does not equal Causation, and Equivacation Fallacies. Logic Be With You.




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