I never really know what category I fall into when it comes to politics. I have ideas but many stances seem to overlap. Most online political stance quizzes seem too broad and shallow so maybe some political savvy people on the forums can help me out eh?


Social Issues: I believe when it comes to social issues that rights should be equal for all. This would mean I endorse- Marriage Equality/Gay Marriage, Non-Discriminatory Measures even for the religious. In General, all human beings are the same, nobodies rights can be stripped or be given advancement over others.


Government Programs: I believe Welfare should be for people who are struggling to find a job or need aid to get there lives on track. I do advocate for comprehensive reform on it though. I believe the amount of time able to be spent on welfare should be cut and stricter regulations should be enforced (as in drug tests and comprehensive back-round checks on applicants).

Medicare and Medicaid should be for those who are disabled and need aid to live comfortably. Again the government should do more to see who really needs the program and develop a better system of weeding out free-loaders and perfectly capable people.


Fiscal Policies: This is a very foggy subject for me. On one hand I do not believe the government should take away from those who worked hard to develop a successful company, but the government should crack down on companies who continuously get tax cuts yet they export jobs overseas. Companies who are not contributing to aid the U.S economy do not deserve cuts in taxes that increase their wealth immensely. I am in favor of small increases to the taxes of the wealthy but wealthy being an annual income of 1 million and above. So 1 million maybe a 5 percent increase, 10 million a 10 percent increase increase  and eventually balancing out to over a Billion a year 15 percent. Just Throwing out numbers to give an idea. I do believe companies who consistently show that they are creating jobs in the U.S. and helping the economy can share in small tax cuts. I do believe useless government programs should be cut, programs which are out of date and never used as such.


Military Policy: I believe military spending needs to be greatly cut. Our first method must be diplomacy yet if that has failed then conflict may be needed. Human rights violations should be dealt with harshly but with efficiency. Perhaps small strike teams should be deployed to eliminate Radical Violent Groups instead of long term occupations of countries. Countries should only be occupied if a great amount of evidence is present that said country threatens neighboring neutral countries' civilians and its rights. Above all, War should be the last option. 


Education and the Sciences- Education must be reformed. The current education system is being drained of funds and the arts and humanities must not be forsaken due to other subjects. Scientists need to have the freedom to develop cures and treatments for illness without further government regulations based around religious ideals. 


Thank you for your time.


Hopefully I get some responses!

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Here's a cool site that might help you figure it out.


It uses a graph instead of a political left/right line and includes the social dimension to determine the political sphere.


Try the test, the results are pretty interesting and in my case were quite accurate. 




The Political Compass


Interesting. I just redid the test and got different results.


I previously scored -.5/-.5 which put me in the middle but slightly libertarian left.


This was in the late 1990s or early 2000s when I first located the test. The questions were different at that time as well. At least they appear to be different although I could be just remembering it wrong.


I have now moved well into the libertarian left spectrum at -3.25/-5.85.


Thanks for sharing that test with us....very interesting information.


I'm in the Gandhi quandrant...yay.  Economic (left/right) score is -6.75 and Social (Lib/Auth) score is -5.44.


What I found very intriguing is how easily I could answer some of the questions without pausing for very long and others took me a minute to really 'digest'.  And I found myself worrying that some people would be answering the questions in the other direction: Like the harsh punishment of children.  Yikes.  Thank you again...I'm so glad I'm not a fascist...ha.

Some of them are pretty amusing as well as open to interpretation. I'm guessing that how one interprets the question is part of the assessment?

It's an interesting and different approach but one that makes a whole lot of sense to me.
Cool. I'll give them a try and see where I end up!
The first one on your list, has Pragmatism/Idealism as the North/South parameters so it's a little different from the other two.

I was in the center/top/left grid. -3.27/+1.99

The second one is similar to the Political Compass one.

I was pretty much the same in this one. -2.64/-5.13 putting me in lower left part of the grid.

I am not surprised that I am in the left libertarian category.



I scored at almost exactly the same point as the Dalai Lama - funny! middle of the left / libertarian box. I thought I was more conservative on fiscal issues than that. I think some of the vocal people in the US are so authoritarian and so far right that I moved left in comparison.
HEY I'm Gahndhi...we should get together for lunch....ha.   I guess my college studies in Sociology and political science are still percolating after 20 years.  I'm as 'left wing' as I've always been.




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