This question is for anyone willing to answer.

Who here is a strong atheist ?

A weak atheist ?

An agnostic atheist ?

An agnostic theist ?

An agnostic ?

A theist ?

I'll start the ball rolling. I am a strong atheist. I am certain there is no God or gods.

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I think I would fall under the category of strong atheist (a 7 on the Dawkins scale).  But, I can't discount that the universe that we can perceive might have been the result of a particle experiment done in a universe that is scaled analogous to the subatomic scale compared to us.  It may be possible to to setup parameters for how a new universe operates.  There is just too much that we don't know about our universe at present to really answer the question of our universe's beginning.  As we develop more mathematics, we have a richer language to describe our universe.  But every description will always fall short of actually holding or experiencing the object.  From an information perspective, I don't think there can be an omniscient or omnipotent being that is contained within the framework of where its power resides.  It would always be subject to natural laws outside of its control, and thus, it can not be a god.

I am definitely a strong atheist and will leave it at that.




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