This question is for anyone willing to answer.

Who here is a strong atheist ?

A weak atheist ?

An agnostic atheist ?

An agnostic theist ?

An agnostic ?

A theist ?

I'll start the ball rolling. I am a strong atheist. I am certain there is no God or gods.

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Welcome to the club.  Also a strong atheist here, a "7" on Dawkins' scale.  While anything is possible, including the existence of some kind of deity, the PROBABILITY of such a being, insofar as I'm concerned, is right up there with pigs flying without assistance from Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, et al,  cows coming home in a Cadillac ... or my believing in the existence of a god purely on some believer's say-so.

Put simply, it ain't happening.

Loren's comment led me to look up Dawkin's scale.  Thanks Loren for that.

I rank myself as a 7.  My upbringing was as a 1.

My training is in the sciences, mainly microbiology with an emphasis on biochemistry and  microbial ecology.

If Dawkins would have expanded his scale or added a 3rd dimension  to it, I would add I am antitheist.  As was Ingersoll.  The harm of religion in the modern world is inexcusable.  While I don't try to deconvert people and don't (ethically, can't and don't want to) try to discuss or involve myself in discussions of belief in my daily life, I am strongly opposed to religion.

From Ingersoll:

Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery.

I'm a strong 7 myself.  I agree with SB and Ingersoll I tend toward anti-theism.  Any good which religion has wrought is more than canceled out by the damage they have done.


Thanks for the link, SB. I'm a 6.9. Anything's possible, but after review of six to 7 thousand years of written human history on the subject, I've yet to see one single scintilla of evidence for the existence of such an entity.

Loren, as to cows coming home in a Cadillac, I agree - at least about the "Cadillac" part. Change the make and model though..........

Well, a couple things, Pat.  First of all, obviously, that ain't no Cadillac!  Secondly, how do you know they're going HOME?

Of course, it could be worse:

LMAO! Good point.

I come out as a 6 on Dawkin's scale. I cannot ascribe 100% certainty to any hypothesis about the real world. I can ascribe 100% certainty to mathematical theorems, but that's all. Inasmuch as no human is omniscient, it's difficult to imagine anybody being genuinely 100% logically certain of anything. I suspect that people who ascribe absolute truth to any hypothesis are bringing a certain amount of faith into the equation.

 Chris Crawford

That atheism is also a faith is an old, baseless and often heard argument of the theists. I do not appreciate your making a similar argument. I am a strong atheist at 7 on Dawkins scale. Nobody else is anytime going to give us a 100% certainty about the non-existence of god. It has to come from our own combination of knowledge and logic. Waiting for the certain proof coming from any other source is like waiting for Godot.(Sounding a little old fashioned, is it?)

It's a shame that you cannot appreciate what should be an obvious point: that there is no such thing in the real world as an absolute truth. If you are 100% certain of any claim, then you don't know enough about it. The more you learn about any subject, the more questions arise. You can still assign vast credence to a hypothesis, but 100% certainty requires perfection of knowledge, which no rational human can claim to possess. 


We are entitled to be as certain (at least to our own satisfaction) that there are no gods as Christians are certain that there is no God but theirs, and not have to have perfect knowledge.

"Entitled"? A person has the privilege of declaring his own truth? Your argument suggests that your beliefs are based on faith rather than logic, just like religious believers. That's your own business, not mine, but I myself prefer to view reality through the lens of rationalism.




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