EDIT: The question has been answered:
MILITANT ATHEISM: "Atheism which is actively hostile to religion" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Militant_atheism)

*add your 2 cents if you want though. I'm not hostile to Religion, just to Extremists and assholes in general... LOL.*

I've heard this term used a bit often recently and I'm rather confused. It seems to me that most people hate these so called "militant atheists" but... wtf defines a person as being "militant" or whatever anyways? Also, what is so "bad" about them? If someone could clear this up even a small bit for me, that would be great.

Likes guns/knows how to use many different types.
Fight for what they believe in.
Doesn't give 2 shits about dying for what they love.
Great with a knife and hand-to-hand fighting.
No formal military training.

Then, I guess I'm one.... or am I not? I'm very confused on this subject but, like me or hate me. Either way is fine by me, LOL.

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Oh okay.... so it's not like Jihad or some para-military term right? Just checking.
"Atheism which is actively hostile to religion" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Militant_atheism)

Wow.... I guess I'm a militant atheist too then.
Oh damn it.... why didn't I think of Wikipedia sooner? Oh well, thanks man.

I'm not hostile to religion but, I do hate people who try to convert or talk shit about me for my lifestyle choices. I guess I'm just hostile to assholes, LOL. XD
I honestly don't mind a good discussion and I certainly feel no hatred towards people who try to convert me. Why do you get offended by this, even to the point of hatred?

I've had lots of people who try to convert me, and I never once got offended till the point of hatred, so I'm quite surprised that you have been. You're even equivocating "people who try to convert ... you" to assholes.

Of course I don't know where you are coming from so please don't take it personally, but what makes someone who tries to convert you (or anybody else) an asshole? Is this the same as when an atheist is trying to convert a theist?
Well after 5 times of telling someone "No thanks" or "I'm okay with my life as it is but, thank you anyways"... you'd think they'd see that their really just annoying me and wasting their own breath right? NOPE. Most that I've come into contact with I tend to classify as "Extremists" no matter what religion they claim. The type of Extremist I've dealt with is much like the ones we see on YouTube: VenomFangX, Geerup, JezuzFreek777, NightVisionPhantom, ect... trying to be polite doesn't work as they just keep trying to "enlighten you to the glory of God" but if you say flat out "NO, please stop being so annoying" then they get super pissed off.

As for a Non-Theist trying to convert Theists.... no offense but, I think thats kind of hypocritical. Unless those who do attempt to convert Theists accept no as an answer and don't look down on them for it, how are we any better than them? I myself prefer to meerly say: "Be true to yourself and do what you want, not what someone else tells you to be in life. No matter what religion you choose I'll never look down on you for it but just remember there are multiple options." Basically like an open door policy, not telling them who's right but letting them choose who they want to be on their own. I rarely talk to anyone on said subject *they sometimes come to my house around 11:30 AM via Bicycle* but if I do I throw in that Evolution are been proven and neither side can truely tell how the Universe was created. ~Universe thing is just my opinion and personally I don't care how it was made, I'm living now and came from my mom/dad.~ ;D

I don't take anything too personally so don't worry and thank you for pointing this out to me. I try to be as clear as possible but sometimes I just miss the mark. Sorry for any confusion.
I honestly think that the "converting theists" have the best intentions, they are trying to guide you towards their particular truth(s) about life. This by itself is not a big problem for me, people try to convince me of their particular truth claim all the time, in fact I quite enjoy this. It often results in debate or discussions where both can learn from each other.

The problem arises when somebody tries to convert but does not want to hear any arguments or contrary truth claims at all. There are people who do not want to debate or discuss, they want you to listen to them while they preach. If anybody holds a different opinion from theirs, they must be wrong by definition.

These (extremist) people are f*cking annoying, too bad that they are on both sides of the fence...

"if you say flat out "NO, please stop being so annoying" then they get super pissed off."

How about "I wish I could care enough about this to continue listening to you" and just walk away. It worked for me both times I used it.
Bleh, I get the closed minded evangelist type that you described but I do have religious friends and it's rather fun to have a mild, non-competitive debate. No losers, just winners with the best prize: knowledge. :)

And yes, there are always 2 sides and each have their faults/problems. Also I did walk away *or close the door on* most but I guess a few had children who went to the same school as me and well.... lets just say I really disliked rainy days at school when I didn't smuggle in my earplugs.

However this hasn't happend in about 3 years now so... maybe they finally wised up? If so then, hooray for them and me too.

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I am very active in the atheist movement - defending and promoting it and secularism. I think of myself as fiercely atheist and an anti- theist. If this appears as hostile to a religious person than they can call me militant - doesn't bother me.
I would just note that as a dyed-in-the-wool atheist that we primarily play "defense". That is to say we give our reasons as to why we don't believe the Jesus-God stuff and, therefore, why we are not religious. We don't actively try to 'convert" the opposition to our way of thinking most times; whereas that is precisely what the might-is-right religionists are trying to do to us - sometimes using the most disingenous and despicable means imaginable.

Seems to me when you really know your "stuff" and can just manhandle the Christians in debate is when you are looked upon as being a"militant" atheist. But aren't the Christians the ones who are forever trying to impose their world-view on the atheist instead of the other way round?
Very well put. No intention of converting - just stating our views.
LOL, militant atheist. We speak up and we're militant. Compare that to lets say a militant muslim or a militant christian. Funny how militant theism usually involves explosions, murder, terror and all sorts of other pleasantries, and we're.... what?... rude to to believers. LMFAO! We can only hope that theists will incorporate our militant tactics and abandon theirs.
LMFAO, well said man. XD




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