EDIT: The question has been answered:
MILITANT ATHEISM: "Atheism which is actively hostile to religion" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Militant_atheism)

*add your 2 cents if you want though. I'm not hostile to Religion, just to Extremists and assholes in general... LOL.*

I've heard this term used a bit often recently and I'm rather confused. It seems to me that most people hate these so called "militant atheists" but... wtf defines a person as being "militant" or whatever anyways? Also, what is so "bad" about them? If someone could clear this up even a small bit for me, that would be great.

Likes guns/knows how to use many different types.
Fight for what they believe in.
Doesn't give 2 shits about dying for what they love.
Great with a knife and hand-to-hand fighting.
No formal military training.

Then, I guess I'm one.... or am I not? I'm very confused on this subject but, like me or hate me. Either way is fine by me, LOL.

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I’ve observed before that humans have a tendency to organize around those things that they believe in.
The corollary is, of course, that humans don’t normally organize around disbelief.
So, when a person becomes activated or shows passion for not believing what others unquestionably accept as “truth”, it is easy to understand how the perception of negativity or “militancy” is projected on any atheist who, like most of us here, regard religion as an over-all detriment to the advancement of civilization.
In order to jump-start our cause(?), it is important to not dwell on the evils of religion, but on the uniquely human qualities of reason, and our ability to contemplate our own existence in the context of the infinite cosmos. Nothing negative there.
Anyone who doesn't bow there head and submit to religious authority. Any time someone uses the term just remember that.
In my history of dealing with christians, most consider atheists to be very angry and ready to go to some church to kill and burn. Is it wrong to be angry? Christians get angry when you express doubt of their God. I can almost guarantee that most atheists (that I've met) would never kill or hurt another without good reason, such as defense. We like being nice just to be nice, to be honest just to be honest, and get angry only when provoked.

Don't know if this helped, but here ya go!
If you dare to express your opinion about religion in any negative context, you are labled a Militant Atheist, meaning someone who will not remain closed mouthed in a discussion about about absurd, rediculous fairy tales being pushed forward as truth. Being a Atheist is something to be proud of, because we have looked at ALL the evidence and come to the obvious conclusion that ALL religions are just wish thinking (as Hitchens states so well).
Well at least Militant Atheists would only drop F-Bombs right? XD
*get it?*
I don't think a logical person can take somebody's life for mere difference of ideology. WE HAVE NO GODS TO PLEASE TO, NO REWADS TO SEEK IN SOME AFTERLIFE. I was much a hardcore athiest in the earlier years of my athieism but certainly calmed down with the passage of time. There are also reasons behind that. When you get resistance time and again, you are ought to feel a little edgy yourself too.
A Militant Aethiest is someone who pulls a shotgun (that's a metaphorical shotgun as 95%+ of Aussies don't own a gun) on the street preacher who knocks on the door at 7am on a saturday morning.

To be serious I suppose a Militant Aethiest is someone who brings a military manner to his athiesm. Rigid inflexability, and so on.


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