What are some of your favorite rebuttals when someone questions your atheism?

Especially when they say something that makes you feel like an insensitive human being.

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Another good joke to throw at the fundies, if they bring up the "You can't see air, but you believe in air?"

I reply that although we can't see air, when we condense air we get liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, but when we condense God all we get is bull shit.  :-) 

An excellent reference, regarding the Bible and science is Julia Sweeney's DVD or CD titled, "Letting Go of God".  It is very humorous and informative.
When I am confronted with them saying I am insensitive or cold due to my lack of faith I like to ask them how that is so? I am a good person, I am caring and helpful and I do it for me and not to get out of punishment later. I was raised to look out for other people. I do not think I am being watched by a divine Judge or any crap. I just behave nice to be nice. What about them. If they do the same then why do they need God?


You can quote Christine O'Donnell and say 'lets not go there'.

I'd be interested in what someone could say to you that "makes you" feel like  you're insensitive.  

They could call you insensitive, but that wouldn't make it so, or make you feel that way.

My kneejerk response to her: "How can you not fear the uncertainty in the world?"

Turning philosophic (or philosophomoric): Beauty differs from terror by how far away it is. A lightning bolt in the distant mountains is beautiful; a few feet away it's terror.

It saddens/angers me that religious leaders, especially those who lead the conservative religions, instead of helping believers deal with their fear of what might befall them in an uncertain world, use believers' fear to take advantage of them.

Some of these leaders take their believers' wealth or power and then use that money or power to impose their religious views on everyone.

Leaders such as Jim Jones use their "fitness to survive" to take even the will to live from their believers. Perhaps these leaders improve the gene pool.


I usually don't let people know because they are so very conservation in Louisiana.  Put christian that I feel comfortable with, I explain it to them in the way they understand.  At the end of a long discussion I say "god reveals himself to us in ways we can understand and the only way I can understand anything is through science and the scienticfic method."  A few get it, some don't.  The one that don't won't get it no matter what I would say.

If it's a hopeless case I would say I am a discordian. I believe in the god Eris who is the goddess of chaos. Since it is non-chaotic for a theist to believe in god and non-chaotic is against what Eris wants. I don't believe in god.

at the moment, i love the question about where the laws of math and logic came from, if god didn't write them.

i can agre that 0+0=0.

but that is a law of math, if the law of math don't exist, 0+0 can be everything :-)

I look forward to meeting xians, had a debate recently in the street with a work mate, I didn't know he beleived stuff but soon it looked as though he was about 8 years of age, saying stuff like 'we are made in the image of god'...he of course can't explain what that means, he also slyly accused me of being evil! Then I told him not to go there as that would be a deal breaker in any relationship....it is so staggering how religion has caught on that I remind myself daily of the bell curve and how traits are dispersed around a population.
Thanks. Your work mate provides further evidence of our blue-green algae (pond scum) origins.


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