What are some of your favorite rebuttals when someone questions your atheism?

Especially when they say something that makes you feel like an insensitive human being.

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You helped me see something. Thanks,

In 12 years of Catholic schools, I learned a lot about religion.

To free myself I had to learn more and I can hold my own in a debate against it.

A recent survey said non-believers know the bible better than believers.

In a serious discussion, believers' ignorance surfaces.

To win, believers turn to more violent means: interruptions, shout downs, etc.


Read the Bible...it's a fascinating piece of fiction!
Have you ever read the Bible? If you haven't read it, I would suggest it. Like Penn Jillette says (and I tend to agree with him) nothing turns you into an atheist faster than reading the Bible. I've read it three times and I'm considering a fourth after summer is over. When talking with religious people (especially ones who are angry) it helps if you have some biblical references to throw out. A lot of times, they haven't read it themselves (which always amazes me). I don't know...if I was gonna base my whole life on a book, I think I would take the time to read it before I jumped in. I wonder, do they read insurance contracts?  Maybe..maybe not.
Hey Joe, It's interesting you should say that. I downloaded a pdf copy the other night in an effort to better understand the document. That lead me to exploring more about the history of how it was actually put together, the books that were left out, the translations, omissions, additions ...good grief - how anyone can look at that book and take it literally is beyond me. We regularly have letters to the editor appear in our national newspaper where people are quoting chapter and verse as if that somehow validates their argument(s), what a hoot. That's a great quote from Penn.

My favorite rebuttals are some jokes I have put together throughout my life.

1. Religion, like a drug, is an escape from reality and like a drug can become addictive.  Just say no to God.


2. In the beginning. Man created God in his own image, therefore we could say that God is the ultimate extension of the male penis.


3. God is the adult version of the childhood Santa Claus.

If I'm made in "god's"™ image, "god"™ has a stinky anus.

Slightly more offensive:

Religion is like a penis: You can wave it around and be proud of it, but don't shove it down my child's throat.


Religion is like alcohol: the more you indulge, the less coherent you sound.

Jennifer,  That was an excellent one liner to catch those door knocking prosletizers off gaurd. 


Andrea,   When the Jehovah's Witness's come knocking at your door, you can always remind them that their founder predicted that the world would end in 1914.  He was a nutcase much like the one who predicted the world would end back on May 21.

When the Mormon's come knocking on your door, you can remind them that there is no evidence supporting anything that Joseph Smith said.  There is no evidence that Jesus and Isrealites ever visited North America.  The DNA evidence, from native Americans proves that Joseph Smith was  lying.

why do you assume that facts will have any influence on a believer?


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"Please take your delusions to someone more credulous than me."

When I'm asked why I don't believe in God, I ask "Which one?"



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