What are some of your favorite rebuttals when someone questions your atheism?

Especially when they say something that makes you feel like an insensitive human being.

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I usually explain my opinion that we were all born atheists and that some of us were told what to believe along the way (by parents, teachers, etc.)  I was allowed to make up my own mind and in so doing have rejected theism, and that despite my lack of religious dogma, I live a great life and am kind and considerate to the people that I meet. Not that I have 100% ruled out the possibility of a deity (probably 99.9%), but that based on the lack of evidence, there is no reason to even ponder the existence of a "god". And if they have evidence, I would be happy to listen to it and if it is convincing enough, maybe even reconsider (it would have to be pretty amazing evidence though). I also remind them that gaps in our understanding and the existence of ancient texts (written by men) do not count as evidence. I have never been presented with any evidence after saying this. I have convinced several people that they do not want anything to do with me...I would guess that I am better off without them.

Very nicely put Joe! I like this - clear, concise, rational and to the point. I suspect that Catholics may take issue with the idea that we were all born atheists -they would probably argue that if your parents are catholic then you are born catholic, an idea that I find disturbing.

I also like Richard Dawkins idea that even religious people are atheistic since they reject the other 3,000+ gods that humans have worshiped through history. Atheists have just gone one god further!

I usually just reply that I believe in one god less than most people. If it becomes a discussion, which is often for me, I use much of the same discourse.

What gets me about us saying we are atheist to a religious person is that we tend to be labeled as insensitive, cold-hearted people. This is why some may find it easier to follow the herd. Great arguments, Joe.   :)


yes, it can be lonely live with intellectual integrity. I have a dog.
I like the "he/she/it". I frequently use "he/she/?", never thought of adding the "it" instead.
I say that as I grew out of Santa, I also grew out of "god"™, there being as much evidence for the one as for the other. And, since I taught the bible as literature for 30 years and know great swatches of it by heart, that argument ain't doin' too well against me either.
In a similar vein, I often reply that I gave up "magical thinking" a long time ago, probably before the age of five.
All of the above and I usually corner them on the gender question. If they refer to god as 'he' does he have male chromosomes and a penis? And if so what for?

You'd be amazed at the number who say "HE is neither male nor female". Whoops!

Never thought to ask if they thought god has a penis!


That's pretty funny - after all, according to the bible we are supposed to be made in his/her/ it's image, er, aren't we? Could get a bit confusing there. It's amazing how quickly religions start to look rather silly in the face of innocent and reasonable questions.

I want to tell them, "I don't agree that atheists are immoral or insensitive.  And many believers are insensitive".





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