What are the different types of Atheist is my question but what I have found is there are just people. Everyone has a different opinion on things and at times you do find like minded people but in the end it's really your opinion and their opinion. I do believe there are strong Atheists and weak Atheists in a sense of people who are a part of an organization and others who just live. There have been talk of New Atheists(what religious people have come up with), GNU, etc. but to me we should not categorize ourselves as the religious do. It causes complications amongst us as Atheists. Debating between view points is not a smart thing to do. This is why there are many sects within different religions because of their view and interpretations of their holy text. My point is we must respect ones view point whether we agree with it or not. For instance Sam Harris. Many Atheists have gone against him since his views on the mental ability to reach a level similar to religious people or the like is what turn people away from him. (I would love a correction on that I just forgot what was the issue Atheists were having with Sam Harris and I am not trying to get my facts wrong it is just I forgot what it was I apologize.) Atheist are entitled to their own opinion as other people are. We shouldn't hold people to a higher level or standard just because people look up to them as representatives of Atheism. Same goes for PZ Myers. Many Atheist have gotten irritated at his smug remarks towards Atheists who do not have his view on things. I for one do not care whether PZ Myers and I share the same ideas or differ. If PZ Myers were to insult me I'll take the insult and review what he has said because at the end of the day it is his own opinion and we are all entitled to it. I'm not saying we as Atheists should agree with everything an Atheist who is well known says but to not castrate them when we disagree. Why do I say castrate them because I read an article and saw a comic strip that attacked Sam Harris for what he has said. I personally do not agree with what he said but than again it does not bother me because he is human. I still appreciate the work he has done in the name of science and Atheism. I would like to get peoples opinion on this matter and hope no one tries to castrate me for what I have written. I may be right in some peoples opinion and I may not be but in the end your opinion is as good and valid as mine.

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Since atheists are freethinkers, they think freely, (tautology). So they are not going to be all alike. We can expect that a commonality between atheists is the absence of god-belief. But for starters, not all atheists would want to wipe out religion - but then again, many would.



I like the Christopher Hitchens style Non-theist or even Anti-Theist.


I am an Anti-Theist but only because I am too damaged not to be. I long for the day when I can no longer associate my lack of belief with an intimate period in my life with a monstrous deity.




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