What are the first three things that Mr.Spock would do as President Spock of the United States.The year 2013 ?

I realize how broad this hypothetical is. That's one reason for the set limit to only three choices. I can't help but think that President Spock would have all sorts of absolutely brilliant mandates that he would be starchily adamant about, implementing them immediately,and, with very little forethought ! It would be only logical ! For me,..first he would buy a nice looking suit and dawn a blueish green tie. Second,... loss the funky out of date hair do ! And third,...well third,...that's the clincher,...ain't it ?  How 'bout increase drone activity over the Mid-East by 1,000 fold !!!!! I betcha that would make a pile of assholes shut the fuck up !! Anyway,.. that's my take.

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