poor, diease, no freedom, be cheated, no belief and no loveness, no understanding, all of  those, what is more, you think?

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Injustice, both social and personal. And brainwashing.
In a country of free-thinking, brainwashing is common word, with bad meaning. In China, some people even don't understanding the meaning of it, that is really a sad of brainwashing. It is a good word here, make me laugh...
In China, some people even don't understanding the meaning of it

I guess a good translation might be 无产阶级文化大革命?
the Chinese of 无产阶级文化大革命, it is a special movement with wild action, it is very bad. people'S mind is different if different system,so politices also make people feel bad in spirit.
Those are all serious, and some of them apply to humanity in general, some of them to individuals. Not everyone gets cheated on, so forth. I think one that is also serious, and individual, would have to be illness that shows no sign of stopping, be it physical or mental. It wears a person down.
The worst personal experiences in my opinion:

Betrayal by a person you trust implicitly.Eg; a parent,sibling, spouse or teacher.

For a child, the loss of parent.For and adult, the loss of a child or spouse.(includes end of a marriage)

The greatest single personal tragedy: The loss of hope and consequent despair.




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