What are the qualities you require a person to have before considering a relationship with them?  (employment, education, a pulse, etc.)


What qualities will you NOT accept?  (unemployment, illiteracy, room temperature liver, etc.)


(Both questions should be related to what you consider 'show stoppers'.)

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I will not date a woman who: has not experienced poverty, who is not a vegan (or at least vegetarian), who doesn’t care about her health, who smokes tobacco, who is a “proud to be an American” or an apologist for capitalism in any way.

I prefer Latina, Black, Native, or South Asian women, but could potentially date any race. I prefer women who do not wear make up or shave (anywhere), but can make an exception to this if she wears make up and shaves just because she wants to (rather than to impress capitalist society).

Extremely small (like 85 pounds or less) women might pose a problem as I’m rather large (6’1” 210). Also, I wouldn’t want to date a woman with alcohol or drug problems (cannabis is not a “drug”) as I do not drink alcohol or do drugs myself.
Who weighs less than 85 lbs?!  I think maybe you just don't like a fragile woman.
Infants weigh less than 85 pounds.  Infants and Karen Carpenter.
don't forget little people!
Yeah, there was this one girl I knew in high school.  She wasn't a 'little person', but she was close.  Senior year, she was about 4'9", 78 pounds.  Cute girl and brilliant, but I'd have felt weird as hell dating her.
Considering how picky I am, I think that the required qualities should suffice:
intelligence--- this does not imply that a degree is required...
self-education is just as valid.
rationality --- this is frequently (but not always) found with intelligence
atheism (this is tied to the intelligence and rationality, of course)
passion for life --- this one encompasses much: enjoyment of sex,
affection, food, adventure, intoxicants, etc ... basically, a willingness to
enjoy something new.
physical attraction (duh)
Of course, I don't have much luck here in San Antonio... but I'm patient.
Is TX as religious as everyone thinks?  I live in GA and...yeah, it's as religious as everyone thinks, despite ATL having such a heavy concentration of homosexuals.
Most parts of Texas are pretty religious (can't sell alcohol in many cities/towns because of the Baptists) but there are a few places that aren't so bad. If I could, I'd move to Austin, they seem to have a large Atheist community. I'd move north but hate the cold.

What's your definition of "cold"? 


Parts of the SF bay area never get below 45 degrees, year round.  


I live in the northernmost major city in the continental US, and the average daily winter temperature here is 51 degrees.  Plus, we get less rain than NY, DC, Boston, Miami or Philadelphia.  


So it IS possible to get a long ways out of the south and still not freeze your butt off.

I'm originally from the Chicago area.  If it's not below freezing, I'm unimpressed.


Holding up the San Francisco Bay area isn't a great example.  San Francisco is insanely expensive.

That's an amazingly irrelevant statement... she was saying that she'd move north, but for the cold. No mention was made of prices, number of species of reptiles present, which constellations were visible, or any other criterion. I addressed what she said, and left it at that. Texas is pricier than West Virginia, but that has nothing to do with anything, either.


It's not irrelevant, no, just off on a very slight tangent.  Most of the areas further north with better weather are on the west coast.  The west coast has cost of living issues that would make it a problem for her.  I gathered, from her comments, that she was talking about moving further north into the Midwest.


Also, if you were aware of a lot of the additional factors, as I am, it would be even less irrelevant.


Anyway, moving somewhere as insanely expensive as San Francisco isn't something that people do unless they have a very specific reason for moving there.  I'm just saying, you could have come up with a better example.




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