What are the qualities you require a person to have before considering a relationship with them?  (employment, education, a pulse, etc.)


What qualities will you NOT accept?  (unemployment, illiteracy, room temperature liver, etc.)


(Both questions should be related to what you consider 'show stoppers'.)

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The DFW area has a secular groups with more than 400 members and over 15 separate secular groups across the area.  It is a great community.  I have lived in Austin as well and loved it.  The Texas Freethought Convention is well attended and growing ever year too :)
People have to learn to read eventually :)
Ive been in GA for a few weeks now... its INFESTED with churches!
North and South Carolina are about as bad.  What the hell are you doing in Georgia?
The town I went to high school in Oklahoma had one church for ~ every 100 people. 

With the exception of Austin, yea, Texas really is that religious. Outing yourself there would be social suicide.

I speak not as a Texan, but have visited on numerous occasions and am from that "general" region of the country. (Kansas)

Austin is a bit of an exception because of the 'Versity (as they say there), but even there you have to be careful who you're talking to.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and know exactly what you mean. What I've seen and experience in GA is nothing short of tragic. I am by no means a flag-flying atheist or an outspoken religious critic, however, I believe the Southern culture needs greater emphasis on humanism and critical thinking. The current state of affairs is truly sad, for lack of a better term. 


Thanks for your post. 

I'll steal Clint's list, and suggest that 'atheism' may be redundant if she's already crossed the intelligence and rationality hurdles.

I hope to find someone who:

-Is intelligent, and possesses some intellectual curiosity.

-Is educated, though it need not be a formal education.

-Loves animals, and has compassion for people as well, AND would even be willing to do volunteer work once in a while.

-Is a non-theist. 

-Is open-minded, though not to the point of lacking strong opinions or convictions.

-Enjoys learning and experiencing new things.

-Is physically attractive to me. 


I am avoiding people who:

-Are willfully ignorant.

-Believe women are inferior. 

-Are selfish.

-Dislike animals.

-Are either too distant or too clingy.  (It's hard to find that balance oftentimes.)

-Are theists, though I suppose that is linked to willful ignorance. :D


YUS!  Men who dislike animals suck ass!!!  Also, if they can't be kind to an animal, I don't picture them being kind to a woman either.

What does this cover?  In general principle, I like animals.  Puppies are fun, despite the flesh wounds, and I get along fine with cats.


However, I'm too OCD to have one in my house.  I run a low-maintenance life, and pets don't fit into that picture.  Children are worth the extra cleanup, but pets are not.

Agreed, I am fine with some animals (no alligators, or pit-bulls please) outside, but I wouldn't want animals inside my home.




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