I looked under 'groups' and didn't see anything for music, or maybe I didn't scroll through the pages far back enough. I don't think I recall seeing a thread for music. So, thought it might be cool to have an ongoing thread to share music that we enjoy...videos, links to music, etc. I think if you click the 'media' icon above this text box, videos should post. Or you can simply list the name of the song with the artist. Whatever's easiest for ya.

Post anything you like. I like all genres...look forward to seeing what you all like, too. :=)

Music makes the world a happier place, me thinks. <3

PS--Feel free to post up podcasts of anything other than music too, if THAT is what you're listening to...I'm always looking for something new to listen to, relating to atheism.

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Some of my favorite music:

Dinu Lipatti plays Bach Partita No.1 BWV 825 at his last recital (Part A)

Latest two songs I've been hooked on. Chicago with earth wind and fire "Sing a Song" > 


Second, is "again and again" by The Bird and The Bee


well, one more: an indie duo I found on tumblr. A girl on electric mandolin and a drummer "Little Pieces" by Feral Conservatives > http://youtu.be/mUzjWikI2Zs

I enjoyed those songs very much, mequa! Refreshing and unique.


I've listened to everyone's music and realize that I need to add to my repertoire. lol :)

From me...time to dance, the weekend is here.................................


I am currently listening to the orange cat in my lap....purring like a motorboat.

Just gave this a listen for the umpti-umpth time ... and I still think it and its performer are pretty amazing.  Ladies and gents, I give you guitarist Don Ross and Klimbim!

Thanks for that amazing lift!

For guitarists: it turns out that Don Ross uses lots of different tunings which he lists at his website; for Klimbim it's B-F#-C#-F#-B-F#. (Folks on Acoustic Guitar Forum suggest heavy gauge strings, or at least a heavy 6th string, to allow tuning it down so much.)

(I'm just a keyboardist who wondered "How is he getting those wonderful ringing voicings?")

If you like that, try this additional piece of Don's: "Michael Michael Michael:"

I have the CD with both this and Klimbim on it, and I find his YouTube performances even more engaging!


Old Ben Lucas was always a favorite of mine. That's coz I like Kinky Friedman and Little Jewford. This clip is from an old movie and Friedman is playing the part. He also has a lot of serious songs as well. Friedman is a Texas Jew in the club circuits and he has some great albums.

Friedman claims he wrote Ben Lucas when he was 13.

I'm listening to him doing Ira Hayes as I write this. It's enough to make you cry.


Here's my latest Kinky Friedman entry. Waitrit Please Waitrit. At this point I have downloaded 3 other Friedman albums, I'm getting drunk, and I think I'm done for the day.

Keep in mind that this man does have some serious songs. Waitrit isn't one of them but I love being open and free and laughing like a loon.




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