I looked under 'groups' and didn't see anything for music, or maybe I didn't scroll through the pages far back enough. I don't think I recall seeing a thread for music. So, thought it might be cool to have an ongoing thread to share music that we enjoy...videos, links to music, etc. I think if you click the 'media' icon above this text box, videos should post. Or you can simply list the name of the song with the artist. Whatever's easiest for ya.

Post anything you like. I like all genres...look forward to seeing what you all like, too. :=)

Music makes the world a happier place, me thinks. <3

PS--Feel free to post up podcasts of anything other than music too, if THAT is what you're listening to...I'm always looking for something new to listen to, relating to atheism.

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It's amazing what you can discover on YouTube when you least expect it.  I had been after an old favorite from an equally old duet ... except one of the search results added an unanticipated third party ... who holds his own beautifully, or at least I think so.

You tell me.


Ezra, Loren, and damian...NICE selections. I'm adding to my repertoire thanks to you all :) Special props to you Ezra for posting Avicii. :=)

Is it too early for this music ...yet?



we are getting into the holiday spirit 'round here. lol Nice one, Mequa!


I listen to birdsongs, if I listen to anything. I don't really enjoy listening to music. What I am doing is reading and watching videos about permaculture. There is a strong atheist movement in permaculture that I enjoy. Some of the authors and videos include Bill Mollison




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