I looked under 'groups' and didn't see anything for music, or maybe I didn't scroll through the pages far back enough. I don't think I recall seeing a thread for music. So, thought it might be cool to have an ongoing thread to share music that we enjoy...videos, links to music, etc. I think if you click the 'media' icon above this text box, videos should post. Or you can simply list the name of the song with the artist. Whatever's easiest for ya.

Post anything you like. I like all genres...look forward to seeing what you all like, too. :=)

Music makes the world a happier place, me thinks. <3

PS--Feel free to post up podcasts of anything other than music too, if THAT is what you're listening to...I'm always looking for something new to listen to, relating to atheism.

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Thanks Loren.

I'll check them out after I've satisfied myself that I can compete with my opponent on Catholic dogma/theology.  As he is not a creationist, but believes in his Catholicism, through personal experience, just like William Lane Craig.  

I've already attacked his personal revelation (hallucination) nonsense.

Now I'm after his underlying Catholic theology as he still believes in the Scholastic method, which was debunked by David Hume and many others since the start of the enlightenment. 

Essentially scholasticism  ( deductive, dialectic, metaphysical reasoning) is dead.

It comes from the naivety of Aristotle, Anselm, Aquinas and Descartes. 

So I'm challenging the entire basis of his Catholic theology and reasoning.

Because it is all absolute nonsense!


DD, a caution.

My struggle fifty years ago to free myself from the effects of RC indoctrination persuaded me that facts, while necessary, are less important than feelings.

Your arguments will have to penetrate emotional defenses that survive the destruction of intellectual defenses.

I wish you success.

Thanks Tom,

I've been having debates with this bloke for nearly a decade now, I know when I get his emotional side upset, he starts with the ad-hominem and name calling attacks.  He loves to call me a windbag, yet all my posts are chock full of valid scientific and rational knowledge, where he only provides bluster, red herrings and non-sequiturs, but never any evidence, so it is easy to see whose comments contain the most wind.  :-D~  Others have pointed this out to him, regularly.

Only now I'm hoping to make his own religious knowledge appear empty, and just more wind.

Shaming him as being a dunce when it comes to science, philosophy, history and soon, religion.  This bloke is going to appear as nothing but empty bluster.  

This is because of his comment that "Atheists are just people living with a misconception of reality."

My point is that the opposite is true, which I'm demonstrating, subject by subject.

It's all just for fun.

Though when he starts with the name-calling, I and all those witnessing, know he is taking it too seriously.  :-D~

I'm reading and listening to everything I can find about Permaculture and greenhouse gardening. The exterior of our geodesic dome greenhouse structure stands with grow beds almost completed. 

I am not a music enthusiast, although I appreciate the pieces shared by members. Dean Martin is not one of my favorite performers especially when he tries to be funny with that goofy Jerry Lewis. I'm not much of a popular music listener. I like the music of the Resistance movements, i.e. The Weavers, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, John Denver, and Sam Cooke.

Yes, I am an old caucasian woman with white hair, diabetic socks, depending on Depends  and lots of memories of marches, speeches, sit-ins, boycotts, voter registrations, and get-out-the-vote efforts. A thump on the head with a billy club by a horse-mounted policeman, a spit in the face by an angry young white woman, threatening phone calls exist as part of the process. The real memories that matter are the planning meetings, the organization of support groups, the singing - constant singing - that kept our spirits up. Those songs rattle the memories of exciting times, dangerous moments, terrible defeats and splendid successes.    

What the atheist movement really needs are songs that make people laugh or cry, shout or go silent, get angry or get moving. I propose an atheist motto: "Let's get it did!"

Atheists Don't Have No Songs


Thanks Joan, Roy is great!  Not a big fan of the I ain't afraid song, message is good, but a bit monotonous.  I like songs with variety.  It's my ADHD that dislikes repetition.  





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