Will you celebrate?  Have traditional or non traditional foods?  Watch a movie?


My family is nontraditional.  My partner grew up in China.  He emigrated to the US as an adult.  So our family merges different traditions.  I would as well have dumplings, as stuffing.  He likes the American holiday foods.  Kind of exotic to him.  They do not have any religious baggage.  What little remains of my family of origin is not close, would not travel here, and has not invited us.  So it's just the two of us.  Plus 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 5 hens.


Someone at work put up a bulletin board, asking what side dishes people like for Thanksgiving.  There were all of the expected.  I added "Pad Thai" just to be different, but it's also true.


We will sleep late.  I will be the first up.

There will be a fire in the fireplace / woodstove.

I will make a breakfast, something with eggs.  Maybe omelets and pancakes.  Some juice. 

Some special treats for the dogs.

The meals will include

Homemade bread rolls.

That green bean casserole made with onion rings and mushroom soup.

Candied sweet potatoes.

Pumpkin pie.  Or squash pie.  I haven't decided yet. 

Maybe even mince pie.

If partner wants turkey he will have it.  As a vegetarian, I don't eat birds but he does.

It will be quiet.

We will not go to the stores and participate in mass shopping chaos.

Some time during Thanksgiving weekend, there may be dumplings.  Or we can be lazy and have pierogies.


I feel so fortunate this year.  While the origins of the holiday are filled with nuances of religion, colonialism, the beginning of the end for Native cultures, for me it's a time to feel gratitude that this is a time of peace for us, that we are together, that I didn't die in surgery, and my cancer isn't wreaking more havoc than it has.  That we have a place which is a refuge, away from the masses and chaos.  That the doggies love their human family and are such affectionate companions.  That we have reasonably secure jobs - compared to many others - food, nice shelter, a place to putter, health care coverage, savings, are not personally involved in a war, that we live in a country that accepts us more than any time in our history, as do my coworkers and employer.  That we are not dealing with addictions, personal violence, or worse.


For a little while I'll feel life is good.  That's not bad.



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Yours sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving day! It will be just my wife and me, very quiet, big breakfast, and all day laziness.
I wish you and your partner-and all of my fellow Atheist Nexus friends a wonderful godless Thanksgiving!

We're doing what we've done for the past couple years: have my best friend over for a Thanksgiving of three: him, me, and my wife.  Being that my wife and my friend are two people I am VERY thankful for, I figure that's as apropos as I need to get.

As to what's on the table, totally traditional: turkey, stuffing, mashed taters and gravy, cranberry jelly (for me if for no one else!), rolls and likely other suchlike goodies.  Dessert will be pumpkin and chocolate pie.

In addition, my friend will be supplying music from his extensive CD and vinyl collection for us to enjoy while dinner is in the works.  This is a formula which has worked wonderfully in the past, and I don't see that this year should be any different.


Well I'm not doing anything for Thanksgiving. I can't go home (from college) because my parents and little brother are going to China. So I'm staying at my college. As for what I'm eating..just what I normally eat every day basically. But previous years my family do not prepare any kind of feast. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe Mom'll buy pumpkin pies or turkey but nothing like what most Americans eat. We usually eat Chinese food because well we are Chinese.

Chive dumplings are my favorite! With some hot sauce and sesame oil. Heaven!

I spent most of my college holidays at college. It's a different atmosphere. Quiet, and kind of eerie, like it was after Jesus took away all of the believers, leaving me behind. I kind of liked it.

My in-laws spent a summer here last year. I kept wanting to introduce them to American foods, but they preferred eating their style, Northeast Chinese. Which I understand because it is so good!

My wife is thinking of a ham as her boss gave her a $25 coupon. We will most likely have that with potatoes and veggies, just sitting around watching TV or talking. Nothing religious here, as I simply cannot view this holiday that way, and I refuse to believe that resourceful Pilgrims taught the "savages" anything for the first big dinner. (Most likely it was the other way around.) No pumpkin pie for me. Never did like it, but my wife might have some. There might be music later in the day, but I'm turning it off if I hear  christmas songs. The merchants get too much special attention anyway, and everything seems to be all about them now.

What am I thankful for? Another Thanksgiving has come and I'm still frigging alive, so that's a good start. Also, it looks like I might be able to pay all my bills and taxes, and get through the winter.

The alternative to the above scene is that the wife and I go to my oldest daughter's house for dinner where we find many people with kids and noise, and my daughter's own 3 adopted children jumping and skipping around, kids possibly jumping on couches or beds, and general pandemonium. My daughter's only daughter will also be there with my great grand daughter, and I start feeling like a dinosaur. Christ! In my lifetime this great grand daughter might also have a daughter! OK, so I am a dinosaur.

We could take either of the 2 options this Thanksgiving, but I'm opting for staying home.

Thanksgiving for me has long been a day of fasting in honor of my Native American roots -- my Cherokee heart telling my Scottish stomach to bugger off.  Since I have some family & friends nearby who will be feasting while I'm fasting, I'll spend the day wandering around in the hills, weather/health permitting.  It'll be a day of solitude, but not loneliness; I expect to meet deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, some old tree friends and, if I'm lucky again this year, a bear.  All of my friends & family are aware of my strange Thanksgiving ritual, and so I can expect visits and a cornucopia of leftovers on Friday.

Ted your response is moving and thought provoking.

These were ALL delightful to read-- esp Ted Foureagles and Sentient Biped.  I like picturing each of you doing what is meaningful and unique to you.

Here in rural, small town South Carolina where my husband grew up and where we live now, there will be extended family in our Civil War era farm house.  We are stingy with the propane heaters during most of the winter, just heating the areas we are in at the moment, but with a houseful (anywhere from 15 - 20 people this time), in honor and consideration of the company, all heaters will be blazing until the amassed body heat, kitchen cooking warmth, and maybe November sunshine makes heaters unnecessary. 

Dinner will be turkey and ham and all the usual.  Stuffing both IN the turkey (my Northern preferrence) AND a casserole of baked cornbread "dressing", Southern style.  My contributions will be home made rolls (was gifted with a bread machine a year ago), baked macaroni and cheese casserole, and a salted caramel chocolate pecan pie, recipe from Southern Living magazine.  Maybe. 

My husband will be put to work by his mom peeling oranges for ambrosia.  Little portions will be set aside for those who don't like coconut in theirs...or for those who prefer it without bananas.  Pitchers of sweet tea (Southerners DO love their sweet tea) for everybody but me, the rebel atheist and Diet Coke drinker.

Pre-dinner prayer will be offered by whichever male in the extended family is deemed, by my 86 year old mother in law, to be the most appropriate.  If one of them is a "pastor", that person will get top priority, even if they are the sort to do the sing-song, warp-speed, "We just want to thank you for... and we just.. and we just...  (If you are familiar with public-praying Southern Baptists, you'll know what I'm describing here.  ; )    I'll manage to be busy in the kitchen or making a quick restroom stop when the faithful are called to prayer...    They are all nice people and perfectly pleasant holiday companions. 

After dinner, folks walk around the five acres of previous farm land which my husband is clearing, some fall asleep on couches in the high ceilinged front "parlor" or in mother in laws bedroom watching her big TV, and any kids or teens will start some version of a football game in the yard.

Happy day to all!

You have a wonderful plan!  Together with a warm family and great food!

Somewhat traditional. I'll have to cut back on the dinner a bit, as my doctor told me I could rely on his expertise, and if not, rely on mine to draft my own last will and testament. Bit of an over exaggeration, but an element of truth to it.

The night before, I'll brine the turkey and make pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust for others .

Thursday, getting up early, and hitting the treadmill for about an hour. Or, as I refer to it, "The Beckoning Beast of the Junk Room."

I do all the cooking, and dinner will be turkey, baked acorn squash, brussel sprouts (one of my favorites), green bean casserole (I do it home made), and mashed spuds. And considering it's at my place, I have only one cardinal rule. Put whatever you want on TV, so long as it is NOT football! And, that evening, probably watch Punkin' Chunkin'. It's a bit mindless, but all in all, harmless fun.

Daniel, you've given me a great idea for weekend. Dumplings with a sauce of hot chili paste and sesame oil. Thanks.

As to going to a mall or a big box store over the weekend - not a chance in the mythical realms of Hades. I'll take a pass on watching all lathered up consumers, push, scream, yell, trample the weak, and beat each other up to get something to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.

Fun stuff, Pat!  Needless to say you have a way with words. 

I'd like to brine the turkey, but since I'm in Inlaw Land, I go with the flow.  Best turkey I ever had was brined though...  Someday I'll try it again.

Got a great recipe for it, if you ever want it.




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