What are YOU going to do about the Neo-Theocracy movement?

Couldn't help myself from blogging about Glenn Beck's rally yesterday.  As a former fundamentalist, I know what it is like to be taught from a young age to be prepared to stand up - to the death - for what is "right" - to be active in one's faith.  I've started a support group for Former Fundamentalists in Minnesota/Twin Cities... and I blog... and I vote... but after the rally yesterday I wonder if I could or should be doing so much more!  I have NO faith in Faith-Based Charity - whether from Glenn Beck  or from Obama. Sometimes I think there is nothing to do but let the world spin - just let things go through the cycle - but I struggle with the idea of observing only.  So - my questions to you:  What Can Be Done?  I get tired of bitching and moaning - how do we act?

Some questions to consider:
  • What are YOU going to do about this Neo-Theocracy in the making?
  • Where do you stand on this? Do you think the Tea Party/Theocracy Party will implode sooner than later - or explode?
  • Do you think it deserves the fear & trembling visceral response that some non-believers, skeptics and progressive Christians have?
  • Do you feel that this will do more to rally the troops for or against the movement?
  • Is there anything We The People can do to insure Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement remains a minor blemish and doesn't turn into a gangrene-infested sore that begs for
  • He wants us to speak "The Truth." In what way can your knowledge of "Truth" counteract his understanding of "Truth." What The FUCK does "Truth" mean? I used to use it all the time as a Christian - but now -... seriously - How do you define "Truth"?
  • What God/Goddess would you pick to head a Theocracy? This is inspired by an online conversation with Tyler:
i'm all for a theocracy
i like krishna
something to do with the kama sutra makes me think we'd all have fun

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This is a good topic, Christine, thanks for bringing it up.

Beck and the Tea Party are disturbing, to say the least. The "restoring honor" rally was appalling and a slap in the face to the ideals that MLK stood for.

I've been employing the conventional wisdom of not giving Beck any more attention than he already has. He seems to thrive on controversy - the more people that hate him, the more followers he gets. It's like they think "if progressives complain about against Beck, he must really be good, therefore, he must be watched."

I'm not sure, however, if this is the right approach, and look forward to reading the views of others.

Re the "tea party", I'm taking a wait and see attitude at this point. They very well my self-destruct in the upcoming elections, or shortly thereafter, and I think that would be the best way for them to die - by their own hand.

God/Goddess to head the theocracy? My vote would be for Athena. If we have to have a god, she/it may as well be nice to look at.
Christine, I understand your mixed feelings on this. I often feel this way about the issues that are important to me. There seems to be no end to insanity, indifference, negligence, lies, or what have you. It gets to be very frustrating. Sometimes I'm enthused about it, but other times I feel like tossing in the towel and withdrawing from life. People are such a disappointment.

Unfortunately, I don't know what the correct course of action is.
I suppose a simple, yet unfulfilling, course of action would be to vote Democrat during the upcoming elections. While the Reps don't have ALL the theocrats, their party certainly has the majority.
I for one can never see a scenario where 38 states (3/4 majority) decide to overturn the first sentence of the Bill of Rights. I'm going grab some popcorn and watch this bad carnival show tent eventually implode on itself. Ross Perot wasn't this batshit insane and he imploded. It's only a matter of time before this permanent freak side show in American politics morphs into something else that will be even more batshit insane and draw even less followers.
I hope you guys are right. They are downright scary. They're the KKK without the hoods.
They don't have to overturn it. They simply have to redefine it.
Baccharus is your god of choice, I would think, then. Hedonism for the win. :3
In the abundance of liberty the fool(s) are thirsty.
OK, I bit some Marley lyrics there.
But, truth'fully... how many more races on top of the rat race does the planet/U.S. really need?

Greydon Square for POTUS!
Glen Beck is a mental patient, it's only a matter of time before he shoots himself in the foot.

Hmmm... a god or goddess eh? Oh I know! Godzilla! You don't get much cooler than an 8 story fire breathing, nuclear spawned lizard! It might suck for anyone in Tokyo, but come on, even the B.O.C. song is cool.
Becks beer!?!? LOL, sigh. well, the only connection I've noticed working amongst 'conservative' aka KKK friendly aryan males/females too is either exploiting the down and out (believers too) and the dry drunks that they mostly are. Maybe still taking shots? Liquor shots.

Almost like the vices perpetuating idiocy in this modern day and age. Meaning, cigs and alchohol... the slow-down mechanizmz that kan cause the brainz to mythfunction...

say what? burning books is ghetto and childish; unless the books are really eaten up and pages getting rust colored...

I agree about the dry drunk analysis - churches are wall to wall dry drunks... and it often shows in their unreasonable interpretations of religion.
I'm stopping it best I can with careful observation and out of left field mindscrews.

No, really, it's a difficult task that lay ahead. All Beck is doing, really doing, is acting as a megaphone. He is there for all the worst parts about us, our hate and fears and lusts, and shouts them for the world to hear. It's not about a community of equals, its a cacophony of vile screams. If everyone's dirty laundry is out, we default to thinking that it's all gooood. Hey, I feel that way, and if Glenn Beck says it, it must be true! And, everyone does it(despite its repugnant nature)!

Now, as for the tea party's eventual dissolution, that will happen in the next few months, once all those outside cadidates are in office and everyone realizes something the Who said years ago: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". Of course they will downplay their resentment. No one likes being used, but it's even worse when it gets pointed out that they consented to being used. Their anger will (again) be misplaced and they will (again) march about for "real change", and (do you see the pattern?) will vote for the worst people only to get burned (again). Sunrise, sunset *sad face*.

My vote for dieties goes to LORD HANUMAN, MONKEY GOD OF STRENGTH!Check out his resume as told to him by another deity:
"You are as powerful as the wind;
You are intelligent, illustrious & an inventor.
There is nothing in this world that’s too difficult for you;
Whenever stuck, you are the one who can help."


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