What are YOU going to do about the Neo-Theocracy movement?

Couldn't help myself from blogging about Glenn Beck's rally yesterday.  As a former fundamentalist, I know what it is like to be taught from a young age to be prepared to stand up - to the death - for what is "right" - to be active in one's faith.  I've started a support group for Former Fundamentalists in Minnesota/Twin Cities... and I blog... and I vote... but after the rally yesterday I wonder if I could or should be doing so much more!  I have NO faith in Faith-Based Charity - whether from Glenn Beck  or from Obama. Sometimes I think there is nothing to do but let the world spin - just let things go through the cycle - but I struggle with the idea of observing only.  So - my questions to you:  What Can Be Done?  I get tired of bitching and moaning - how do we act?

Some questions to consider:
  • What are YOU going to do about this Neo-Theocracy in the making?
  • Where do you stand on this? Do you think the Tea Party/Theocracy Party will implode sooner than later - or explode?
  • Do you think it deserves the fear & trembling visceral response that some non-believers, skeptics and progressive Christians have?
  • Do you feel that this will do more to rally the troops for or against the movement?
  • Is there anything We The People can do to insure Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement remains a minor blemish and doesn't turn into a gangrene-infested sore that begs for
  • He wants us to speak "The Truth." In what way can your knowledge of "Truth" counteract his understanding of "Truth." What The FUCK does "Truth" mean? I used to use it all the time as a Christian - but now -... seriously - How do you define "Truth"?
  • What God/Goddess would you pick to head a Theocracy? This is inspired by an online conversation with Tyler:
i'm all for a theocracy
i like krishna
something to do with the kama sutra makes me think we'd all have fun

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Why have I not heard about Lord Hanuman before? This could change my life!
I, of course, have all kinds of "when I'm king of the world" fantasies ... but on a more realistic note.

I tend to be a "improve my own little neighborhood to better the world" kind of guy. Nowadays, of course, that neighborhood includes A|N and Facebook. So I post what I think is useful and argue when I think there is a chance of at least influencing bystanders, if not my antagonist. I try to be civil and even nice most of the time (the whole flies/honey/vinegar thing) but sometimes let my re-posts, or posters, or images do the "uncivil" work.

Encouraging and supporting critical thinking wherever it can be found or is needed is the core for me. Sometimes, it takes a few rounds of pointing out the falsehoods, lies, and misrepresentations before we can actually get to thinking about something.

The "good men who do nothing" image always haunts me -- I know I'm not doing enough but I do what I can.
Yes- the Good Person Who Does Nothing Ghost is a good ghost to have.
Well put, Christine!
I suppose arsenic is out of the question?
Yes, arsenic is out of the question.
I won't try to define Truth, but I'll say this about it. The Truth doesn't give a crap what I believe. And the people who appear to be obsessed with what I believe? Clearly they haven't been hanging out too much with the Truth.


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