What book or books are you reading?

I am currently reading Blowback by Chalmers Johnson

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I usually have 2 or 3 going at once

"Thames Sacred River" Peter Ackroyd.

"The Last Days Of The Incas" Kim MacQuarie

"The Archimedes Codex" Reviel Netz and William Noel.
I was reading this novel trilogy called the "The Quickening" series a few months ago, but I stopped just after getting into the third book for some reason that had nothing to do with the books--whatever the reason was.
"Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering" Lisa Yount

"The Power of Logical Thinking" Marilyn Vos Savant

"Terra - our 100 million year old ecosystem and the threats that now put it at risk" Michael Novacek

And I just finished Carl Sagan's Cosmic Connection which I'd definitely recommend to anyone that's fascinated by space.
Cosmic Connections is one i haven't had the pleasure of reading yet. Thanks
for the heads up, I didn't realize it was in reprint.
I'm reading The Lucifer Principle and Global Brain both by Howard Bloom. Quite enlightening.
The Lucifer Principle seems like a really good book, I thinking of buying it.
I'm reading the Colemsn Beaulaland books.
gays and atheists are featured in this..It's an interesting series.
you should totally buy it, like I said, I'm only in two chapters right now and it's already worth it
I second that. I just finished the second chapter in The Lucifer Principle this morning, and I'm definitely excited about what's ahead....hard to put down, it really gets you thinking....
Just finished The Last Oracle by James Rollins. Action packed thriller. I am starting Map of Bones also by him. These are very much in the James Patterson vein but with more action.
The Road to Surfdom by Fredrich Hayek

I've been taking an interest in Libertarianism lately and so far it has proven it's self to be a great read.
Cheerful summer reading, I just got Jacqueline Homans books and I'm going to reread Margaret Atwoods "A Handmaid's Tale (I also bought copies for my nieces though they probably won't read it but I can hope)




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