I just finished "Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson for the second time. I started Michael Shermer's "Why People Believe Weird Things" this morning.


And my to read list keeps growing:

Missionary Position - Hitchens

Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Reamde - Neal Stephenson


Super Freakonomics


Glory Road - Heinlein

Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea

Satanic Bible



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I just read


"The Lucky Arrow" by Karlmir Stonewain

It's a very good LOTR fan fiction!

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Great book. A must read for any freethinker.

I got my book from Amazon Today -- here's the website for the book http://www.thegodvirus.net/ The God Virus:How Religion Infects Our Lives and CultureBy Darrel W. Ray, Ed.D. So excited -- can't wait to read it.

and now this LOTR fan fiction story


Green Fletching by Karlmir Stonewain


Arguably by Christopher Hitchens
The Stanley Kubrick Archive

reading "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand at the moment

Interestingly enough I don't read a lot of books about atheism or religion. I am an atheist and I don't need convincing so I tend to ignore them. I read a lot of science and that takes care of religion as far as I am concerned.

I just finished The Demon Haunted World by Sagan.

Currently reading:

Hacking: The art of exploitation

Joomla Bible (for work)

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why violence has declined by Pinker.

MYSQL in a Nutshell.

The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics: A math-free exploration of the science that made our modern world.

I think I still enjoy the atheism books because of the things I learn.


How do you like the Hacking book?  Have you ever read "The Cuckoo's Egg"?  If not, it's a must read for the hacker types. 


MYSQL, off topic but I didn't like the little exposure I had to MySQL.  Seemed buggy.But on the other hand, SQL Server isn't free.

The hacking book seems pretty good so far. It is very code intensive after the first chapter. I haven't gotten very far in the book yet. I just got it on Thursday, but so far so good. I need to boot the live CD that came with the book and see if there is anything useful besides the codes. I use Backtrack for just about everything.

Yeah. MySQL takes some getting used to, but its the price for living in the open source world. I have a partition for Windows, but I haven't booted into it in about three weeks.




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