What book or books are you reading?

I am currently reading Blowback by Chalmers Johnson

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"Quantum Psychology" by Robert Anton Wilson

"Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell
Im reading "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs, (so far its quite funny)

I just finished "The Science of Discworld" by Terry Pratchett and Im about to start reading "Wee Free Men". A friend of mine loaned me a few Discworld novels last year and now Im addicted.
Yesterday I finished reading "God: The Failed Hypothesis" by Victor Stenger. Today, I started reading The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom. I am also simultaneously reading Think by Blackburn and Human Rights, which is a Greenhaven Press publication; Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman is on the back burner.

Other books I've read within the past 2 years:

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

Life, Sex, and Ideas by A.C. Grayling

When Atheism Becomes Religion by Chris Hedges

Why God Won't Go Away by Andrew Newberg and Eugene D'Aquili

The Portable Atheist by Christopher Hitchens
God Is Not Great, also by Hitchens

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Letter to A Christian Nation by Sam Harris

The Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel
The Case For Christ, also by Strobel

What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza

On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby

Somebodies and Nobodies by Robert W. Fuller

How Could You Do That?! by Laura Schlessinger

A History of God by Karen Armstrong

Marriage, A History by Stephanie Koontz

Religion In America, published by Greenhaven Press
Extremist Groups, also by Greenhaven Press

Political Philosophy by Mel Thompson

The Word in Six Songs by Daniel J. Levitin

The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Leadership and Self-Deception, published by the Arbinger Institute

Experiments with People by Abelson, Frey, and Gregg

I also read Starship Troopers (again) by Robert A. Heinlein, for like the 5th time....you know, just to break the monotony of non-fiction literature.
What did you think about Dinesh D'Souza? He is coming to debate Hitchens at the University of Central Florida Sept 17 (I have tickets!)

His body of works looks...interesting (yes, euphemism)
Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer by Todd Allen Gates
God vs. the Bible by John Armstrong
I wish George R.R. Martin would finish his A Song of Ice and Fire series. IMHO, the 1st 4 books are the best fantasy books ever.
The Southern vampire series. I'm up to book three.
While it has a lot of supernatural elements i find rather lame,I'm enjoying the series quite a bit.


I was actually thinking of reading that, but the tv show (True Blood) is so awful, I just can't get myself to read it! I'm going with Patricia Briggs right now.
"Jesus, Interrupted" by Bart D. Ehrman. Fantastic!
Being Digital. nick negroponte mit
feet to the fire, media after 911_
american theocracy, Regan's strategist spills the beans, historical talk too

axisofjustice.org has a great list, here:
& earlier:

that site's looking good! been updated, rock on!
Currently I am reading a collection of Bertrand Russell essays, 'Why I Am Not a Christian and other essays on religion and related subjects", edited by Paul Edwards, 1957




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