Did this on an old forum I was a part of. Just post what you are currently watching.

Bad Lieutenant.

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Bones is great (a real Atheist) and also House (a curmudgeon and an Atheist)
Another thumbs up for Bones. Though I think even with Bones as an Atheist they apologize too much to the Theists.
ABC Nightly News....Health care reform...2 days to go.
I was watching an episode of House in Hulu...I don't have a tv.
Fist of Fury Bruce Lee fuck yeah.
I'm getting ready to watch some Night Gallery. Rod Serling! Evil sentient dolls! Yes!
I heard Serling speak at my college ages ago. He mentioned that his favorite NG episode was the one with William Windom: "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar." I remember it when it was first aired ... worth your time.
I just watched an abortion of a show on Discovery. It's a nature show that is narrated by Oprah called "Life". If you got rid of the wizard loving, crystal touting woman and replaced her with *anyone* that has even an inkling of true respect for a show/topic like that, it most likely would be pretty damn good.

Sir David Attenborough, please take the series away from oprah.
"The West Wing" on Megavideo.
Heavy Metal




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