When you're not working what do you like to do?

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Mine's just a little bitty one

Mini Lathe - Microscope to Camera Adapter
Cool! I have one of those as well, but the drive belt broke, and I haven't been able to get another. That reply I did, didn't post properly. There was also suppose to be a link to a photo of my milling machine (http://api.ning.com/files/sXJQxiOyHudvh9wjDScxNT4WnjBP2hFtUUpyorD5b...*ZMWv-Au7rMKz/DSCF0626.JPG?width=737&height=552 ), but it didn't seem to post. The miller is actually a mill/drill machine, so I really want to get a bigger miller, but every one I've found second hand (thus relatively cheep) have 3 phase motors, and we don't have 3 phase power in my village. I also have problems with my floor not being concrete, but I have examples of my work as components to trucks working here in the Alberta oil patch!

You need a timing belt for your mini lathe? Just click here! I've gotten several things from them so far. I just got a new plastic gear that transfers power to the threading gears. I found out the little lathe doesn't like it when you jam the cutting tool into the chuck jaws with the carriage feed engaged...

I didn't have money for a mill after getting the lathe, so I rummaged around the junk pile at work, sharpened up my programing pencil and made this contraption.

Cool! Thanks, I'll have to check their site more!


When time and resources permit,I enjoy cloning plant species that are on CITES#1 and #2. This with the intent of reestablishment into their native habitat. I collect orchid species,seed grown from various nurseries,and other hobbiests such as Angraecum sesquipedele [Darwin's Orchid],Calanthe vestita,and others.When I am not involved in this, I photograph/video tape nature. Just about any thing having to do with being out in wilderness areas I enjoy greatly,and will grab the opportunity to capture any interesting natural phenomena on digitally,or on film.
I like this discussion - it's giving me ideas about what non-supers do to contribute to their own well being - and being female with 3 boys for children - I really need to know and understand more about what I can provide for my boys that will contribute positively to their well being - I particularly liked the last post about shooting holes in paper and machining stuff... I can imagine a couple of my boys liking doing that in the future.

We're non-super? :-(

I wanna be super duper!

I meant none supernatural thinkers.... :) I'm sure you already are a super duper...
I'm a wood carver.  I've carved carousel horses , cartoon characters , walking canes and some abstract pieces (and, of course, my fingers). I can start carving in the morning and the sun will be setting when I snap back to the real world.
My hobbies include reading and sewing. Right now, I'm working on curtains and a crib dust ruffle. I also sew a lot of my clothes and will be sewing lots of baby clothes - I became a first time grandma last night :) I also enjoy crocheting, counted cross stitch, felt stitchery kits like Christmas stockings or ornaments, and other needle crafts. I also love reading about ancient Egypt and catching history or nature programs on TV. Lately, it's been "Out of Egypt" on either the Discovery Channel or Planet Green, and "An Idiot Abroad" on the Science Channel.
Congratulations, Granny. Hope the new arrival is doing well. :-)




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