For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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Rocket scientists don't bring any more joy to the world than princesses and jockheads...

However, most gregarious party people brings lots of joy to the world. I have long realised that my best friendships are not with physicians and chemists and doctors and CEOs because their view of the world can be so focused as to be limited.

After a cumulative 11 years of college and university (always an A student, but never a member of the geeks, sorry, just the way it is) I still prefer to spend my free time with non scientists, because they are simply more easy going in life. Share a joint, play some stupid games, have FUN. I personally see absolutely no reason to be serious and competitive all your life, life's worth enjoying!

When I live in the USA I party with my Republican friends, discuss politics with my Democrat friends, and science with my scientifically minded friends. We need all types of people :)

Did you ever listen to that TED talk by the lady neurosurgeon who discovered the beauty of enjoying life after a TBI and years of recovery? It took her years and a TBI to find out what most party people have known all along. If you only use one side of your brain you're missing out! Don't forget, a rocket scientist can also be full of crap when it comes to society. Not one of us can lay claim to the 'ultimate truth', it does not exist.
"Live every day like it's your last. Save the regrets for when you're dead..." is my motto.

Here we say "I'm here for a good time not a long time"
Well, my rant was more directed towards elitists and judgmental types. i prob wasn't clear about it. Sorry

There are so many other ways to enjoy life that don't end up with you moaning in front of a toilet or taking care of the person who does. I have friends who party, and that's fine for them. I see it as loud and annoying. I like to converse, and usually the music is just too loud for that. I'd much rather enjoy a meal before writer's meetup and make a trip up to the lake and enjoy a talk-and-walk.


I'll go to the parties I need to, but I tend to help hold up the wall and make sure people don't fall over themselves. I'll be momma when I need to, but I still shouldn't need to.

People who pay loads of money to have flower beds put in, and then never maintain them, or pay someone to maintain them. They are under the impression that it will look good forever.
Stupid teachers really piss me of.

I recall one particular teacher who said that you get sunburnt on top of mountains because you are closer to the sun. Honestly I think I have better general knowledge than most of my teachers.

My primary school science teacher was particularly daft. We were playing 20 questions, so far we knew that the thing was big, old, could be seen outside the window and in the atmosphere. (don't ask me why a somebody asked if it was in the atmosphere if we could see it outside the window there's a pretty good chance it was.) I put up my hand and guessed it was the hills.
"What did I just say Maggie it's in the atmosphere how could it be the hills?" she said.
"Umm... Well the hills aren't in space are they?" but she didn't let me say that she just ignored me. It turned out the answer was the sky... Umm... I thought the sky was the atmosphere...

Oh and another time, during "Question Time" I wanted to see if she knew the answer so I asked her why the sky was blue.
"It reflects the ocean" She replied with confidence.
I put up my hand again to correct her and she asked,
"Maggie is it a question?"
And I replied,
"No but-"
"Then don't put your hand up" she interrupted.

Sadly my peers don't know any better so now a whole class of kids think the sky is blue because it reflects the ocean and another whole class thinks you get sunburnt on top of mountains because they are closer to the sun.
This reminds me of a substitute teacher who couldn't pronounce my name when calling out names each morning. She couldn't say
Damian using 3 syllables, and said damon every time. I corrected her every time too. The look i got from her is burned in my memory.

Another pet peeve is not being able to sleep until one hour before i have to wake up.
Yesss they never listen to you when you try to correct them especially when you have to do it a lot!
:O and she's a teacher?! That's worse than my son's grade 2 teacher, wrote him a note telling him "your a good kid" instead of "you're". And she was suppose to be the reading coach as well!

BTW, did she ever tell you the grass was green because the sky is blue, and the sun is yellow, and yellow + blue = green?
I have one specific pet peeve: when people mistype Snow White in my native language, Estonian. The correct spelling is Lumivalgeke, literally: Little Snow White. I don't know why, but people tend to write and say Lumivalguke (grrr!) instead. Seems like a small mistake, just one letter, but it actually changes the meaning of the word completely. The latter version translates as Little Snow Protein. Duh!!! What kind of princess name is that?
I can feel your pain.
I have two. The worst one is when people don't use whole words when they type, or on advertisements. (do u no how 2 spell?) The other one is the use of double negatives. (it don't make no sense!)




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