For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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A youngster in my class said that last year (yea I don't hear it often lol) and I mentioned to him that exact point, that regardless is the word he meant to use. He answered "I'll call it whatever I want" He was a big talker in class, blared his music all the time during class, generally was quite an annoyance, except to the young girls... This was in college, but the teacher was too senile to bother with him. (sigh)
I absolutely hate it when people completely disregard what I just said by saying "Good for you" or something along those lines. The reason this drives me insane is because when I was younger I had a friend who would always say something like that after everything I said. He would then follow this up by saying what he wanted to say and me being polite about it. If you couldn't already guess I am no longer friends with this guy.
This mainly happened when I was young and by young I mean from age 3 to 12. I don't remember bragging a lot as a kid. My friend who would say "good for you" bragged like crazy though. Presently I hardly ever have anyone say anything like good for you to me.
that's like my sub-boss who to his superior said YOU BETCHA, about 100 times a day, drove me nearly insane. Was like hearing Palin in a fat old guy, disturbing x2
I agree with booklover -- country music is just bad!
I hate country music too -- they whine!
Tell them to "Have a godLESS day." :) Or "I'll have a good day, instead."

As far as grammar and spelling I hate it when people use "to," too," and "two" incorrectly! I also hate "their" and "there." Oh yeah, and not knowing when to use "was" and "were." Example; "She is beautiful like you WAS at that age" instead of WERE. Also when "that" is used to describe a person instead of "who." Example: "He's a nice guy THAT helps a lot of people" instead of WHO helps a lot of people.  But, all that being said anybody could slam me on my math skills ☺

I also just LOVE people who act like such "good" xians who would never drink alcohol and especially never get drunk when you've seen them slobbering drunk a few times. No, I am not talking about my sister-in-law ;)


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