For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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I had a boss who mispronounced height, he'd say heith,
We were testing tube height behaviour in a automated blood testing system so it came up a lot, I posted the Wikipedia page on my office door and laughed at him every time he said, but it eventually got old for him. But for me it never lost its slithery edge ICK!!!!!

My surveying teacher at college pronounces lonJitude instead of longitude. I've checked all dictionaries, the J sound is correct even in Britain, however it seems certain parts of Australia tend to mispronounce it too, but since they don't have their own dictionary I'm declaring it JUST PLAIN WRONG!

Tho (on purpose, I like it that way) my first language is English, my education language is French, and my culture is mostly French, so English is not my better language, and I try not to have too many pet peeves in this area :)
I hate that I am too embarrassed to correct folks on the "loose" isue.

I hate "Have a blessed day."

I hate "Those who can't, teach."

I hate computerized soda machines. The old mechanical ones were faster.

I hate that "truth" fish eatting the Darwin fish.

I hate that most food packaging is twice as big as it needs to be.

I hate that EVERYTHING else is packaged in hard plastic and you have to have a knife to open.

I hate cell phones.

I hate that the people who know the most are always the people who actually know the least.

Wow, I'm grumpy today!!!
I hate computerized soda machines. The old mechanical ones were faster.

They were also a lot easier to bump in such a way as to get a free soda.
....yep, that too ;-)
The customer is always right--free soda!
I hate it when food producers cheat on food terminology and ingredients:

Whipping cream with 10 ingredients but no cream
Buttermilk that ain't
Sour cream with 10 ingredients
Dehydrated bananas with lactoserum
Shredded cheese made of starch
Spaghetti sauce made with starch
ALL foods made with cornstarch
This may be our biggest epidemic!
I just found real sour cream in Japan. It's gorgeous. The stuff in the States is NOT true sour cream! --And I had no idea, up until then.
I hate faux fear monger news pumped even over the radio at KMart; where shopping used to be a pleasure.
be careful what you buy at Kmart, contrary to popular belief, sodas DO have a shelf life, and Kmart's are expired!! :)
Too many to list. The one relevant to this site perhaps, people who claim to be "spiritual" but not religious. I have no idea what that even means.
My pet peeves among atheists: people who make excuses for Islamic fundamentalism, or who really don't care about any other religion except Christianity.
Who would make excuses for Islamic Fundies? That's even worse than most xian sects. I can see why atheists in this country would focus on xianinsanity, since it is so predominant.



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