For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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LOL, but my roommate closes the door religiously, because he is religious!!!!!!!!! LOL cries...
Blessed blessed Bill :`)
I wonder if he still sings that song to himself while draining the lizard.
I don't like my food talking to me.
I don't like your food talking to me, either.
Bad grammar from "educated" people. It is okay to use the word me in the correct context, but so many seem to be afraid of "me". I've actually heard I pluralized; (I's)!!! I had to bite my tongue on that one. Heard it from three different women. Also, "I'm like", and instead of he/she said, he/she goes. There's more, but that will suffice for now.

I like that you specified from "educated" people. It's true, I really don't mind so much when uneducated people make such mistakes.


I usually assume that most atheists are educated and think that people who's first tongue is english should be relatively free of base grammatical mistakes. My schooling was in French, and francophones are much more anal about grammer than anglos are, which is why I notice these things even in English.


The most abused words I see on T|A and A|N are effect and affect. Their misuse drives me absolutely nuts. And worst, when I bring it up, people consistently hide behind "it was a typo"! Hiding their true lack of understanding of the distinction. :)

Bad photos... All my friends take shitty photos in dim rooms for there Facebook and ext. It's not that hard to shine a reading light at your face or something when your taking a profile picture or at least turn the exposure up or down when you upload it!!!
Oh and I hate it when people get pissed off at me for correcting them. They tell me to stop being such a smart ass (because I'm making them look like idiots but they don't say that) and I say,
"Oh so you would rather I hadn't told you and you could have keep reciting that ridiculous fact you found on some dodgy web site until you embarrassed yourself in front of a whole lot of people?"
Once I'm primary school we were talking about names and I had this conversation with one girl,
Girl: I'm going to call my child Cleopatra because she was such a hero!
Me: Umm... I really don't see how she was a hero...
Girl: Well... Like her people loved her and stuff...
Me: Didn't her family usurp the throne, then she had a few tragic love affairs and committed suicide? Still not seeing the heroism
Girl: God Maggie you don't have to ruin every bodies dreams!
and she was pissed at me all day XD Don't ask why I remember that I guess it's just because it was funny hehe.
ruin every bodies dreams

ahem... wouldn't want to rain on your parade...
"Oh and I hate it when people get pissed off at me for correcting them"

It is patronising and bad manners to correct another adult. It's something you would only ever do to me once.




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